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About This File

This is EFI-based bootloader for BIOS-based computers created as a replacement to EDK2/Duet bootloader

initial support for El Capitan since r3223

in themes BGM256/ BGM/ black_green/ Shield/BGO/ metal updated El Capitan icon. ;)

Clover since version r3251 SIP off like this:

Clover начина? ? вер?ии r3251 выключает SIP вот так:

<key>RtVariables</key>   <dict>        <key>CsrActiveConfig</key>        <string>0x67</string>   </dict>

What's New in Version 3253


  • [r3253] accepted some AMD and Intel names from TheRacerMaster
  • [r3252] updated script for gcc-5
  • [r3251] sync with edk2 18080
  • [r3250] add Csr active config
  • [r3249] new CPU Broadwell is teken into account
  • sync with EDK2 18073
  • [r3248] new Broadwell data
  • [r3247] sync with edk2 17820
  • [r3246] Update BGM, black_green and Shield themes with El Capitan icons from theme repo.
  • [r3245] Don't disable autobooting the default volume if embedded theme is used with a timeout of 0
  • [r3244] new AMD Radeon families
  • [r3243] new AMD card names
  • [r3242] make menu wider from centre
  • *
  • [r3241] fix wrong ati family numeration
  • [r3240] add Radeon 7730
  • [r3239] fix missinf brace
  • [r3238] avoid draw durty buffer
  • [r3237] dynamic check for text width
  • [r3236] increase text width
  • [r3235] added lapic patch for El Capitan by Sherlocks 2
  • [r3234] added lapic patch for El Capitan by Sherlocks
  • [r3233] add Candara font
  • [r3232] increase layout
  • [r3231] extend visible menu
  • [r3230] correction for haiku
  • [r3229] add El Capitan icon to metal theme
  • [r3228] add steampunk with El Capitan
  • [r3227] some more changes for El Capitan
  • [r3226] exclude extra line
  • [r3225] check kernel location for El Capitan
  • [r3224] nvidia generic name
  • [r3223] initial support for El Capitano
  • [r3222] load specific ROM for nvidia cards,
  • [r3221] generic nvidia name
  • [r3220] add some fonts
  • [r3219] year autoupdate
  • [r3218] correct typo
  • [r3217] corrected misprint
  • [r3216] correct localizable strings / check for real character width
  • [r3215] theme iclover will be proportional
  • [r3214] text fine tuning
  • [r3213] correct for transparent font /reduce space size/ exclude GUI setting, the transparent must be for each theme
  • [r3212] more space between chars
  • [r3211] correct space detection
  • [r3210] implemented proportional fonts, preliminary
  • [r3209] add script for gcc-5.1 creating
  • [r3208] Fix enable secure boot, should work now.
  • [r3207] correct cores and threads for Atom3700
  • [r3206] move PCD from Intel to Mde to synchronize with EDK2 update 17385
  • [r3205] added preliminary support for Atom 3700
  • [r3204] sync with EDK excluded PCD
  • [r3203] default CPU type for Broadwell CPU

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