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DSDT Laptop HP Pavilion G6-2209SS F.26 1.00

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About This File

This is my preliminary DSDT auto patch for Laptop HP Pavilion G6-2209SS. You need Maciasl to apply fixes (recommended Rehabman version).

Known Issues:

10.7.5 (Security Update 2014-004), 10.8.5 (Security Update 2015-005), 10.9.5 (Security Update 2015-005) & 10.10.4

- AppleRTL8169Ethernet: phyWaitForAutoNegotiation TIMEOUT

- AppleRTL8169Ethernet: only work to 10Mbits

- You can't wake up the system when the laptop uses the battery and the system disk is a USB hard drive

- You can't wake up the system from PS/2 Keyboard/Trackpad

- Built-in Wifi MediaTek RT3290 (1814:3290) device are not supported.

- Built-in Bluetooth MediaTek RT3290 (1814:3298) device are not supported.

- Built-in PCIe CardReader Realtek RTS5229 (10ec:5229) device are not supported.

Change Log:


- Added: Fix SHUTDOWN

- Added: Fix _WDG

- Added: Fix MUTEX


- Added: Fix _T_x rename

- Added: Fix _WAK


- Added: Fix TNOT

- Added: Fix DTGP

- Added: Fix IRQ

- Added: Fix RTC

- Added: Fix EC0 (Enable Battery Status)

- Added: Fix PS2K

- Added: Fix IGPU (Enable DRM Video Content iTunes)

- Added: Fix GFX0 (Enable LVDS + HDMI Video/Audio + VGA)

- Added: Fix RMKB (Enable ACPI Fn Keys Brightness)

- Added: Fix HDEF (Enable Speakers + Hearphones + LineIn + MicInternal + MicExternal + HDMI)

- Added: Fix PNLF

- Added: Fix ECHI

- Added: Fix ARPT (Enable Airport Injection in PCI Cards of System Information)

- Added: Fix PXSX (Enable LAN Injection in PCI Cards of System Information)

- Added: Fix WLBT

- Added: Fix CRDx (Enable Card Reader Injection in PCI Cards of System Information)

- Added: Fix MCHC

- Added: Fix IMEI

- Added: Fix SMBUS

- Added: Fix HPET

- Added: Fix AppleACPIACAdapter

- Added: Fix OSYS (Simulate Windows 8)

I would appreciate comments and suggestions!!

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