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About This File

This is EFI-based bootloader for BIOS-based computers created as a replacement to EDK2/Duet bootloader

initial support for El Capitan since r3223

Clover since version r3251 SIP off like this:

Clover начина? ? вер?ии r3251 выключает SIP вот так:


What's New in Version 3276


  • [r3276] accepted some translations
  • [r3275] rounding speed for About this Mac
  • [r3274] correct number of relocated pages by okrasit
  • [r3273] include romanian help into Clover GUI
  • [r3272] updated XhciDxe according to recent edk2
  • [r3271] accepted next-data variables by Asgorath
  • [r3270] dont set sun for hdmi
  • [r3269] exclude KernelAndKextPatches in custom entries it will be done by separate.plist
  • [r3268] disable duplicate KextPatches
  • [r3267] correct config-sample: dont write .plist into name
  • [r3266] a possibility to use different config for custom entries
  • [r3265] add ability to set Slot info for HMDI device
  • [r3264] adopted for new EDK2
  • [r3263] increase relocation block in OsxAptioFix to 128Mb reported by rehabman
  • [r3262] arbitrary device property injection
  • [r3261] get NVCAP from loaded ROM
  • [r3260] restored commit 3248 by TheRacerMaster

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