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Dell XPS L702x 3D Drivers/Kexts 10.10.2

About This File

This is an updated kext build to the L702x Dell XPS 3D Laptop (some Optimus support but may not be the latest).



-Brightness Adjustments finally!!!

Not Working:

-Intel Centrino Advanced N-6230 (this is impossible, most likely)

-3D and Blu-Ray Disks (duh)

-TV-Tuner if purchased (I didn't do much research, if anyone knows about TV Tuners and hackint0sh, please let me know)



-3 Finger Swiping Up,Down,Left,Right (use BetterTouchTool!)

-3 Finger Tap for Mission Control

-Left+Right Click = Middle Click

-Revamped Audio now with HDMI support for both the HDMI and MiniDP Outputs

-Fn Control from Keyboard Preferences (no need to reboot to BIOS to change Fn On or Off)

-HDMI out works flawlessly (select the second HDMI output in audio)

-MiniDP is functional but a little glitchy (select the third HDMI output in audio, may be the MiniDP to HDMI cable I am using causing problems)

-USB3.0 doesn't randomly disconnect on prolonged usage but will not recognize devices plugged in before boot

-TurboBoost Active and can reach a good 7+ states (8x,12x,16x,17x,22x,26x,27x,28x)

-ROM dump including a fully functional overclocked ROM dump as well as the before edit of the GT555M - 10de_0dcd. Both work great, the overclocked one will ironically have your fans running at lower speeds and doesn't seem to get too much hotter (2-4 degrees if that), BUT may freeze up more frequently on battery, just use the regular ROM if your on battery frequently.

-Device ID injected with some decent specifications, before injecting my device ID I had several problems, blank boot screens, couldn't change resolution and laggy start of graphical applications. With the injected vendor device, I have managed to increase my Processor integer performance by 4000+ which has successfully increased my GeekBench results above 10,000 which is about 400-1000 points faster than it used it to be.

-Sleep works on some Dell's, sadly not mine, my friend has the exact same L702x with an older GPU - 10de_124d and his sleeps fine for some reason, I will continue looking into this


-Lots of updates to basic Operating System functionality.

-Updated RehabMan's PS2Controller

-Updated to Enoch's r2236 bootloader for Nvidia GPUs (Audio support improved)

-Old/Unsupported 3.0 Drivers removed - updated to GenericUSBXHCI.kext - 100% functional, plug in anytime!

-The ROM is currently deprecated, will work on reintegrating it (will not boot with ROM on r2180+) but the ROM doesn't do anything noticeable currently so not a big deal.

-Find My Mac working

-Sleep is tricky, I have it working but my DSDT may be different even if we have the same L702x Laptop, I cannot help people get sleep working unfortunately due to the amount of variables required to have it working, I will keep people posted as the project grows.

-Burning 100%: no longer requires a third-party application, can use Disk Utility, iTunes, etc.

Added GPU Tools to debug/troubleshoot


Added Multiple System Options*

MSRDumper for testing PStates

BetterTouchTool for configuring 3-finger swipes

*I've included 3 different smbios plus a SSDT for each - there are updated SSDT's that may not function with older smbios so use them at your own risk

-Brightness Controller FINALLY SOLVED!

-Updated Bootloader

-minor fixes


-older battery in use again.

-brightness still working!

-added another audio kext for more option.

-added the spdisplay fix for renaming your monitor.

-updated to the latest FakeSMC that is compatible.

-updated GPU kext, ROM still deprecated.

-updated keyboard+trackpad, better drag support, 3-finger still working.

-updated boot.plist, ssdt, and removed all other revisions besides Pro8,2 and Pro9,1.


-Different Dell battery in use due to console errors from other batteries.

-GPU is now natively supported

-updated GenericUSBXHCI.kext to v1.2.7

-updated FakeSMC/HWMonitor to v5.3.820 now support Power Consumption measured in watts

-Enoch updated to v2266

-RehabMan’s PS2 Controller updated to 2013-0918

-Added option for older L702x that don’t have native AGPM.

What's New in Version 10.10.2


  • Yosemite is ready!
  • Everything is functioning above minus the battery reader

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