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Many thanks, I would like to help but I do not know what has to be modified to work with the new version of macOS :(

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As explained in this tuto http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296949-tuto-qe-ci-exotic-patch-via-clover/ by fantomas the patch is quite easy.


1. open with a TEXT editor 




with your ID, which in my case (ATI Radeon 4830) is



2. do the same with



3. Open with an HEX Editor (I used HexFiend which works pretty good)


replace 0F83A2000000 with 909090909090


4. Obviously replace originals with patched version n right place (/S/L/E/) with correct owner and permissions.


5. Rebuild prelinked Cache with

touch /System/Library/Extensions

Reboot a couple of times and you are done.

I attach my patched files but it won't work for you unless you share my videocard (HD 4830); otherwise binary patch should still be fine but you need to change id in both Info.plist


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