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ASUS K55VD Ivy Bridge i7, (With or without DSDT) 1.0

About This File

ASUS K55VD Ivy Bridge i7, G610M HD4000 (With or without DSDT)

This is a simple guide on how to install Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on an Asus K55VD with Ivy Bridge with or without DSDT.

!!!September 2013 important info about 10.8.5 update!!!

If you update to 10.8.5 it will break USB3 if you enabled it in bios, making your usb ports disabled.


Disable XHCI in Bios

or wait for an updated kext here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286860-genericusbxhci-usb-30-driver-for-os-x-with-source/ (Shouldnt be long),

or replace kext with beta kext GenericUSBXHCI_1.2.5d5.tar.gz found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/genericusbxhci/files/Snapshots/

Also if you got minor problems with preferences (brightness, boot options....) after update type this in terminal: sudo nvram boot-args="" then reboot (Not related to USB3)

UPDATED JULY 2013: read at bottom.



Turbo boost





Battery indicator


PS2 Keyboard

PS2 Trackpad

HDMI Video (HD4000)

Audio Speakers

Audio Headphones

Audio Micro



Webcam (Skype ok, not working with FaceTime and Photo Booth)





USB3 (now working better with july update, check below) ---> OK, but either USB3+USB1 , or USB2+USB1

(power problem, bug also present on some MacBook Pro 2012 with 10.8.x).

Select from bios :

For USB1+USB3 only: Legacy Off, XHCI Enabled.

For USB1+USB2 only: Legacy Enabled, XHCI Off.

Not Working:


VGA Port (G610M)

HDMI Audio (possible via DSDT Edit)

Wifi (Remplace with Atheros AR9280 (wifi) or Atheros AR5B195 AR3011 (wifi/bluetooth).)

Card reader (Bug Realtek+10.8.2?)

Gestures (now working with july update)

FN Keys (now working with july update)

Tools needed:

USB Key 8 gigas

Mac OS X 10.8.2 Iso


Chameleon Wizard

Latest Chameleon

Kext Wizard

Files needed:

MBR folder (For USB Key)

Pre-Install folder (For USB Key)

Post-install folder (For K55VD)

Voodoo HDA folder (For K55VD)


From an OSX system


Partition: USB KEY,

1 Partition,

Options: MBR,

Format: Mac OS Extended Journaled

Launch MYHACK:

Create: OS X Installer

Create: OS X 10.8 Install Disk

Target:USB Key

Source: Mount InstallESD.dmg,

Browse Manually,

Target: Mac OSX Install ESD/Install OS X Mountain Lion

Press Ok


Replace USBKEY Extra folder with the content of Pre-Install folder

Replace MBR Install Files on USB KEY with contents of MBR folder

OSInstall.mpkg remplace with: OSInstall.mpkg

/System/Installation/Packages/ OSInstall.mpkg remplace par: OSInstall.mpkg

OSInstall remplace with: OSInstall


Repair Extras+SLE on USB KEY

Run Chameleon Wizard.

Download Chameleon Dropbox.

Update bootloader+more boot loader on USB KEY.



Intel AntiTheft: Disabled

USB: Legacy Enabled

XHCI: Disabled

Boot: Launch CSM

Secure Boot Control: Disabled



Select destination disk

1 Partition,

Options: MBR,

Format: Mac OS Extended Journaled.

Close diskutils

Choose Install

Extras: Use My Own

Directory: Extra (USBKEY)

Remove Kexts: Yes, Yes, Yes


Reboot from USBKEY, at prompt enter -V -F -X.

Go to S/L/E, remove GFORCE Kexts (9 Kexts, 4 GeForce, 5 NV...) and Myhack.kext (Backup kexts).

Use Kextwizard to install kexts from Post-install folder to K55VD/SLE folder (backup again).

Repair boot caches and permissions of Extras + S/L/E.

Replace K55VD/Extra/Chameleonboot.plist with the one from Post-install folder.

Reinstall Chameleon-2.2svn-r2134 on your system disk (Needed because Myhack install an obsolete Chameleon version), and update Chameleon as soon you are connected to internet (optional ,but better).

Restart normally.

Install VoodooHDA, reboot.

You done.


If you get some crashes with VoodHDA.kext ,try edit VoodooHDA.kext/Contents/info.plist with this string (or use your HDA Vendor/Device id if yours is different), and rebuild kernelcache.



Modify your Serial number in Smbios.plist from extras folder with Chameleon Wizard.

You can do most of software updates normally, but if you get a kernel panic at reboot, you will need to restart in safe mode,

reinstall modified kexts and remove Gforce kexts in S/L/E again.

For FNKeys and HDMI Audio to fully work you will need to tweak your DSDT, check other guides for this.


New features:

With DSDT:

Power: NVIDIA GForce now disabled.

All FN keys now working with new kext.

Audio: No more Voodoo HDA, now instead features a patched HDA kext.

Without DSDT:

Trackpad: Gestures now enabled and better sensitivity with new kexts.

iMessage, FaceTime, Appstore now enabled with Chameleon module.

USB3 now fully working and compatible with USB2 and USB1.


Plz install dsdt and new related files after post-install is done (you will crash if you try to use dsdt in pre-install phase).

Update Chameleon boot loader to latest version if needed, else modules may not work (use Kext Wizard).

In Extra folder, add dsdt file and modules and update Org.chameleon.Boot.plist with link to dsdt file in Chameleon Wizard or manually.

In System/Extensions remove VoodooHDA.kext (if you decide to use patched AppleHDA.kext) and PS2 related kexts (AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext).

In System/Extensions install new kexts with kext utility (select backup replaced files).

Rebuild System cache, repair System/Extensions permissions.


VERY IMPORTANT: In bios switch both USB settings to enabled, else you will crash with the new USB3 kext.


Remember to follow theses projects for updates and support:

USB3 Driver: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286860-genericusbxhci-usb-30-driver-for-os-x-with-source/

Trackpad Driver: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Quick Question, i have a G75VW and i'm wondering, when you say speepstep+turboboost works, how many steps do you have ? What Smbios are you using ? Is your CPU Bench score in OSX the same than in Windows ?


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Hello Joseph

I have successfully installed ML but some things do not work.

1. - No Sound I work, I go into the control panel of voodoo and I see a message that says "No Devices Detected"

2. - The touchpad does not work.

3. - I can not boot from the hard drive, I should not write "new boot option". how I can configure the BIOS? and only boot with -x option.

Can you give me some solution?

Thank you for your time.

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i have a question, at my notebook (k55vd) i boot and its stuck at apple screen. in verbose mode is loads lots and lots of text, and then boom, black screen and nothing to see.

i also tryed commands like GraphicsEnabler= no/ yes cpus=1/2 use kernal cahe=no enz...

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Hi I tried the guide but keep getting kernel panic when trying to boot installer.

Keeps stopping at

com.apple.applefscompression load succeeded.

When I try -V -F -X it just hangs at apple screen. Any ideas?


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AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext was removed from PREINSTALL folder (May cause problems for pre-install).

VOODHDA Vendor/Device id is fixed(Plist edit is mandatory, in case you experience crashes with VoodooHDA.


Speedstep and turboboost were tested with hwmonitor app, working ok.

Smbios used is MacBookPro 9.1

Haven't tested CPU Bench on Windows,deleted it.

Won't help but noticed battery stand 2.5 hours

on OSX and 5 hours on Windows, this probably due to NVIDIA not switching off on OSX.


About the sound problem, did you modify your voodoohda plist?

Touchpad should works, you probably got a different hardware version.

To boot from the hard drive, select the following options in the bios:

Boot: Launch CSM

Secure Boot Control: Disabled

You can only boot in safe mode, did you remove force/nvidia kexts? Are you using NullCpuPowerManagement.kext or AppleIntelCpuPowerManagement.kext?


What are the last lines displayed when crashing at verbose boot?


"com.apple.applefscompression load succeeded" is probably not the cause of your kp, need to see your boot log.


Try remove AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext from USBKEY/Extra/Extensions if you got this file.

Also more infos on kp would be appreciated (verbose).

Note: System will only boot on safe mode or kp as long as GFORCE/NVIDIA kexts are loaded.

Thanks for your interest,

I will do my best to help you all.

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Hello Joseph.

Thanks to your help my problems are near to solved.

Now, I sound works and I can boot into normal mode.

But what I do not get it to boot from the hard drive.

I've tried everything!

I have to write in "Path for boot option"?

I write for exemple "fsx:\volumes\mac hd\boot.efi" but can not get anything.

The touchpad does not work, my computer model is exactly the Asus K55vd sx323d.

Thank you very much for your help, brother.

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Ah another question!

I only see 3.25 gb memory and my system has 12 gb installed and recognized in "About This Mac".

How I can fix this?

Thank you.

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thanks joseph... everything ok. one of the best guide!

You should advice to remove the estra\extensions kext in post-install and to adapt the keymap in org.chameleon.boot.plist (mac-fr)

Wake from sleep works but with maximum brightness

if i close the lid, wakes without backlight!! (there's no way - this is annoying..)

About mod of Smbios.plist serial.. is there a law to be kept? (ie lenght, checksum)

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Hi! I was desperate looking for vanilla ALC270 and find nothing so i modyfied my own.

Its not complete yet but you will have audio with headset and microphone.

this kext is for asus A55vd but i think works and with yours. ( please test with your machine if you have time and answer me)

i also finishing my instalation with native cpu power managment and everything from start to end for a complete vanilla 10.8.2

Now iam fixing DSDT.aml for latest BIOS.207 and how to modify if you have UEFI and work with native cpu power managment.

Card reader still not found any solution.

and some fixes for a clean system.

Thanks for your time.


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Hello, first of all I apologize for using trastale.google.com, but my English is very bad.

I have two problems, the USB 3.0 running at 2.0 speed and what worries me more, I detected only 3.25 GB of RAM, 6GB taking in system preferences detects 6GB (2 +4) but the activity monitor detects only those 3.25 GB

Will this be solved by placing equal modules (4GB +4 GB)?.

Is It Just a bad read or only use those 3.25 GB?

thank you very much for the tutorial.

Lo pongo es espa?ol por si lo entiendes.

tengo dos problemas, los USB 3.0 funcionan a velocidad de 2.0 y lo que me preocupa m?s, solo me detecta 3,25GB de ram, teniendo 6GB, en preferencias del sistema detecta los 6GB(2+4) pero el monitor de actividad solo detecta esos 3,25GB

?Esto se solucionaria poniendo modulos iguales (4GB+4GB)?.

?solo es una mala lectura o solo usa esos 3,25GB?

muchas gracias por el tutorial.

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the ram issue is known and happens to a lot of asus users (N46/56/76, G73/74/75, etc)

see around {censored} forum

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the reason you only can boot with -x is becouse probably you have forgot to remove the nvidia /ati kext from your hackintosh. i had that problem to, now running an perfect mac clone with external wifi card. (Thompson ) =) so try to remove the nvidia and ati /amd Kext files

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Hello everybody

@elevart Asus just released bios 2.08 so you should probably check it before spending more time on your DSDT, but iam definetly interested with your DSDT, so keep us updated.

here 8 gigas ram working fine

Now for the good news:

-Touchpad working 100% now with gestures

check http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-touchpad-driver-mac-osx/

and install ElanTouchpad_v2.1_Final_Mountain Lion.zip (make sure to remove PS2 files and follow instructions for configuration in trackpad panel).

Facetime and iMessage working now with special module

check http://downloads.indiandragon.in/Downloads/iMessage_Fix.html

-No more need for VoodooHDA, working AppleHDA.kext found (speakers,Output and External Mic), havent tested it yet for HDMI audio output (probably still need DSDT edit,maybe elevart will fix this if needed/possible)

-Was finally able to disable GFORCE using a modified DSDT for an Asus model, now battery is operational 5hours when using computer (before 2h30), can stay a very very long time in sleep as well, Cpu performances are the same, meaning very good.

I will upload/upgrade all the files this week.

Only card reader not working now

Thanks everyone for contribution to this topic! :encouragement:

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Hello, I've followed your guide countless times, and every time I get to the point where I am to delete all kexts concerning my geforce, I get stuck.

My first reboot without safe mode, loads a terribly artifacted desktop-

What am i to do? I believe my intel hd card works well, as I've benchmarked it and used it with windows keeping the nv 610m disabled.

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I think I've figured it out myself... I've set the graphics memory in bios from 512 to 64 and it worked... how weird

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@josephgoblin this site logs me out when iam trying to upload my kext! whatever!!

Here is the working ALC270 appleHDA. tested and working with 10.8.3.


Include it with your files. also the touchpad confirmed that working with v4 beta. i will try v2.1.

iam trying to fix ethernet and card reader now.

Ethernet doesnt take ip needs restart, card reader totaly sucks! if someone can give some info about those problems maybe i can help!

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Could you tell me what kind of Mac OS 10.8 you used? I've already tried iATKOS ML2 and N{censored} Lion but neither of them works for me. My laptop is K55VD, by the way. Thanks

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@eddmecha I've reach the installation window but touchpad and USB mouse doesn't work. I can't access disk utility without using a mouse/touchpad. Is there a way to fix this?

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I use the usb 2.0 to use the mouse maybe u can try to reboot back to installer to use the mouseafter u change the usb port

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