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AppleSmartBatteryManager(mini) for ML and Lion 1.0

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About This File

Hello. I made new SmartBattery of these sourses.


The new driver working better and it has smaller size. Just 81 kb


Hi. I added to SmartBattery the one thing -> Approximation of the number of cycles.

It gives me condition my battery

I found on AppleSmartBattery.cpp this thing

 //rehabman: zprood's technique of expanding the _BIF to include cycle count
uint32_t cycleCnt = 0;
if (acpibat_bif->getCount() > BIF_CYCLE_COUNT) {
cycleCnt = GetValueFromArray(acpibat_bif, BIF_CYCLE_COUNT);

correct cycleCnt = 0 to -1, and remove setCycleCount(cycleCnt);

Because the actual number of cycles can be 0, if the battery is new, but the -1 is unlikely.

then add

/* If the cycle count can not be obtained through _BIF, 
it will be estimated according to the design capacity and maximum capacity,
otherwise will be set based on the acquired cycle count from _BIF*/
if (-1 == cycleCnt) {
if (fDesignCapacity > fMaxCapacity) {
setCycleCount((fDesignCapacity - fMaxCapacity) / 7);
} else {
setCycleCount((fMaxCapacity - fDesignCapacity) / 7);
} else {

Add my DSDT, see Device (BAT0)


Updated battery kext from 1.31 to 1.32

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Hello. I deem you should have AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6470M. Could you tell me whether DVDPlayer working with battery.? Moreover, Are DVDPlayer playing any movie?.

In my case, In ML my DVDPlayer doesn't work with any battery-kext even with VoodooBattery. But in Lion was be OK.

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I am sorry. I have a Travelmate 7750 with Intel HD3000, not Aspire 7750g with Radeon graphics. I actually changed my 17" display in order to get distortions and system hangups with onboard Intel under control.

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