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Installer boot usb mac os x lion (AMD support) 1.0

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About This File


Ive create this tools for the AMD Hackintosh community!!:D

Ive create the best installer usb MAC OS X lion 10.7 for pc support whit Xcode tools (packagemaker) the installer descriptions and step is on french but its very easy to using them;

just follow the instructions on the installer description

you just need the installer MAC OS X LION .app or the installesd.dmg because my installer work when your open installesd.dmg

this installer is reserved only for CPU bulldozer/piledriver/vishera (SSSE3) .

special thanks to RAWX86 AND SINETEK for the kernel:encouragement:

and gils for testing the AMD installer

two versions de kernel 11.4 d?veloppe by Dmitrik aka Bronzovka/AnV/Voodoo , and first one edit by rawx86 and the other one by Sinetek . IS SUPPORT ALL VERSION MAC OS X LION


1-formate the usb drive mac os journalise - guid or mbr partition

2-open installesd.dmg

3- ran the installer

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Just tried it, it seemed like everything was working with the flags but it gets to something about smc not working and falling back to the old one then pauses runs a few more lines by then the screen goes black but the computer doesn't restart or anything. I've tried running with graphicsenabler=no and pcirootuid=1 but that doesn't fix it. Any suggestions?

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I've E 450 APU...Which supports SSSE3. Can I run it properly? And please it would be much helpful for newbies like me if you elaborate the installation process. :)

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