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FakeSMC r615 (10.6 or 10.7/10.8) 1.0

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About This File

FakeSMC - SMC Emulator for Hacintosh PC

FakeSMC_r615.x86_64 build work only 64 bit mode,

- Release (not Debug)

- Mountain Lion optimized kextcache (This build work only 64 bit)

- AVX verstion work only Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge

( other panic CPU instruction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Vector_Extensions )

- SSE3/SSE4.2 work older CPU

OemSMBIOS.kext - NOT WORK 10.8.2 (Protected detection Hacintosh SMBIOS)

source code


  • FakeSMC.kext - SMC-Device Apple Emulator
    • ACPISensors.kext - ACPI Sensors
    • FintekF718x.kext - (Fintek F718x Series) Chip Sensors
    • GeForceX.kext (this kext not working now, see source's)
    • HWMonitor.app - App Monitoring FakeSMC Sensors/Voltage Kexts
    • ITEIT87x.kext - (ITE IT87x Series) Chip Sensors
    • IntelCPUMonitor.kext - CPU Sensors
    • NSCPC8739x.kext - (NSC PC8739x Series) Chip Sensors
    • NVClockX.kext - Nvidia Geforce Videocard OverClock and Sensors
    • NuvotonNCT677x.kext - (Nuvoton NCT677x Series) Chip Sensors
    • OemSMBIOS.kext - Detection Hardware SMBIOS from Mac NOT WORK 10.8.2 (Protected detection Hacintosh SMBIOS)
    • RadeonX.kext - AMD (HD-Series), Videocard OverClock and Sensors
    • SmartGuardian.app - etc.. overclock manager
    • SmartGuardianHelper.app - etc.. overclock manager help
    • WinbondW836x.kext - (Winbond W836x Series) Chip Sensors
    • X3100.kext - Intel GMA x3100 Videocard Sensors

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Sorry for a super noob question, but which one (+ plugins) should I use for i7 920 (over locked 3.5) gtx 560 with 2 gig ram, ex58-ud5 f13 ??


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?? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ?????, p5q se, ????? ????????? ?????? ???????? ??????? ??? ? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ?????

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ok for ppl with ex58-ud5, i7 920, gtx560 use:

SSE4.2 (x86_64) apcisensors, fakesmc, fintekf718x, intelcpumonitor, iteit87x, nscpc8739x, nuvotonnct677x, nvclockx, oemsmbios, winbondw836x.

installed HWMonitor and it works like a charm.

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