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Help please! EBIOS read error: Media error / Block 0x4b0090 Sectors 0



I had a working Lion installation up until today.. When I started up my computer I get the following message:

EBIOS read error: Media error

Block 0x4b0090 Sectors 0

And I have completely no idea what this means.. I hope somebody can help me with this! I really need this fixed since I am working on a video project what needs to be finished this weekend and I don't have a backup of the latest files (yeah stupid I know, but my hackintosh was working fine for at least 6-12 months, so I wasn't really expecting it to break down on me now)

I installed Lion a while ago using the iB{censored} + Snow Leopard method, wich after that i updated to Lion using, I think xMove or something like that (it's been a while..). I'm preparing a 'U{censored} USB drive' at the moment (need to download Lion from the App store again), hopefully that way I can boot into my installation again..

*I also just saw some 'rBoot' thing on tony mac's website ? Is possible that I can boot into my installation again like that? I have never heard anything about rBoot before.. it was probably finished after I was looking into all that stuff, and I never needed it before I guess.*

I really hope somebody can help me with this! And that I posted this in the correct (sub)forum. I couldn't find an answer to this question yet.. some 'EBIOS read error's' but they we're pretty much all before/during the installation, and I already had a working installation.

These are the specs from my computer, If needed:


Like I said, I really really hope somebody can help me out with this, otherwise I'm f****d



I tried making an rBoot CD, doesn't work for me, I get the same message and it won't even show me the 'bootscreen'.


I fixed an U{censored} USB drive, and that will get me into the installation process.. but I'm not really sure yet if I should reinstall Lion or not ? (in my original installation I set up 2 internal drives (I have 3, 1 for OS, 2 for data) as a RAID with Disk Utility, but I don't know if I'm gonna lose that stuff, because I can't have that! I really need to have those files)

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I have only seen this error when my iB{censored} cd has been ejected from the drive during its loading process. Do you normally boot from a cd or chameleon....It sounds as if you boot from Chameleon on the HDD normally. Your idea of booting from a different drive with Lion on seems like a good one. I don't feel you need to wipe out your existing drive with Lion on it...just yet. Here are a few suggestions:

Install Lion on a DIFFERENT HDD than any of the three you mentioned above that you want to keep your Lion files on. After you get the new drive working attach the drives with your info on them to the newly installed Lion HDD. This is just so you can get your project done.

Macdrive or a similar program. Macdrive is a Windows program that will allow a Windows machine to view the contents of a drive formatted for use for Mac's. There is a free trial version.

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