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[GUIDE] OS X Lion on ECS 945GCT-M2 Mobo

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hi everybody

my system device is:

Mainboard: ECS 945GCT-M2

CPU: Pentium e5200 dualcore

GPU: onboard 945g

RAM: 2g

please tell me how to install latest version from iatkos on my system?

& if i can install this OS on the virtualbox?

thank you

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If you have USB Mouse and Keyboard with Intel CPU and compatible GPU follow this guide I made some time ago:

 Mac OS X on Intel PC Guide - Pastebin.com

I updated link for ML to verson 10.8.4 !

EDIT: it is recommended to install on atleast 20 GB partition or hard disk, forget virtual stations.

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Em 05/08/2012 at 15:12, Manwex disse:

In this short guide I will explain you how to install Mac OS X on old Elitegroup ECS 945GCT-M2/1333 (v1.0a) motherboard with Pentium Dual CPU which are 100% compactible. Check my signature for my full system spec!

For this guide, I will use OS X Lion distribution - iAtkos L2 (search on google for download).

After you downloaded iAtkos L2, burn it to DVD with CDBurnerXP .

Now you have successfully burned iAtkos L2 to DVD!

*Here starts booting & installation*

- Put DVD in your CD/DVD drive and restart your PC.

- Press F8 and select CD/DVD drive to boot from it.

- When you see small countdown bar of iAtkos L2 install press F8 and type in cpus=1 to prevent some issues during installation and slap ENTER on keyboard to proceed(not necessary, but I did it).

- After few minutes Language selection should pop out, choose your language and click on the arrow (which means "Next")

- Go to top menu and go to "Utilities", than "Disk utility".

Select your Hard Disk, click "Partition" and for "Volume scheme" set "1 partition".

Name it "OS X Lion" and for "Format" select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and click Apply.

- Close Disk Utility.

- Click "Continue".

- Click "Agree".

- Now, select your "OS X Lion" disk and click "CUSTOMIZE". See this picture below to see what patches/drives you will need.


- Now click "Install".

- After about 30 minutes installation of OS X should be done, click "Restart" or wait 10 seconds, it will restart automatically.

- Now you should see Chameleon Bootloader, it will countdown 5 sec. till it starts OS X. After countdown, you should see Apple logo. (if you stuck at Apple logo, at Chamelon countdown thing press any key and type -v to boot with verbose mode to see what is problem.)

- After Apple logo, Apple account setup should pop-out (select country,timezone,account name, etc...)

- You are at desktop of your freshly installed OS X Lion!

Now you should search kexts for audio, graphics card...

After you all got ready, enjoy your OS X !

Feel free to update to 10.7.4!

If you have any questions, please send me a message on my YouTube, or Tweeter !

Please, send "CLICK HERE TO SEE CUSTOMIZE OPTIONS" no worked link.


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