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Forgot your Mac Password? Come Here!

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Hey guys I'm SilentCircle hacker here :) I do it with a passion lols. Anyways do you ever forget your password to your Mac and can't log in? Well i have the solution.


1. Make sure your mac is turned all the way off

2. Power on your Mac and right when you push the button hold cmd+s your going to hold them until you see your computer come up with black background with letters and such scrolling on your screen. DON'T WORRY THIS IS SAFE!


4. Then type this Exactly!

Mount -up / [press enter]
Rm /var/db/AppleSetupDone [press enter]
Shutdown -h now

5. After typing that your computer will restart and go through the process of restarting your computer you can make your new account

If you have any questions on how to erase the account that is still there just shoot me a pm or comment here.
Hope this helped someone.

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