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{GUIDE} macOS High Sierra 10.13 BETA

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Hello there comrades, it's time to test new BETA! So let's begin!


First of all you'll need to have Install macOS 10.13 Beta.app in your Applications folder. 

Then, you'll need to right click it and then go to Show Package Contents/Contents/Shared Support and from there mount InstallESD.dmg.
Once mounted there you'll find Packages folder and inside Core.pkg.

Double click Core.pkg and this will install macOS to desired partition, SSD or HDD.

Once done, mount BaseSystem.dmg and then copy System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi and paste it to the same location but on the installed drive.


That should be it! Boot it with your existing Clover and in few seconds you'll reach desktop screen.


Enjoy High Sierra! 

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Hello noname :)

you are fine ?

The installation worked well but the volume is not visible by clover :)

What is the problem in your opinion?

cordially :)

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Hey Gils83! Nice to see you! :)


Did you replace boot.efi to  System/Library/CoreServices/ ? Without it it will not boot. 

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