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HP 250 G5 Kabylake - High Sierra help


i need help to install mac os 10.13 on my HP 250 G5 kabylake notebook i try a lot stuff but nothing works everytime is same laptop just reboot on almost end on loading .


i got some ACPI erorrs and IOGraphics flags 0x43 , Sound assertion .

can someone help i will atach my efi folder 


there is original and patched DSDT . also i updated bios to latest version and then extract DSDT from linux.


forget config3.plist its for my desktop pc.


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i succefully installed 10.13.2 :D 



i Need to fix Brightnes, instant wake from sleep and audio not work after sleep. Not shure what whappening with cpu and power managment  cpu goes to 1.30 ghz on idle is this good? 

Miki’s MacBook Air.ioreg

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