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LGA1366 workstation (Intel 5520) based??


Hi people, i'm new here, and although i'm aware there are hardware guides and such, my questions and ideas might be a little out of the ordinary so i'm asking anyway.

I wont jump ahead of myself though, my first comment is that I want to build using a used workstation based motherboard... specifically i'd like one for an LGA 1366 cpu using xeon cpu chips, meaning I assume the Intel 5520 chipset. When i've perused HCL type lists I never seem to see much listed for workstation gear, mostly desktops. I'd prefer to buy just a mobo with this but an entire older workstation isn't out of the question - my main criteria is using DDR3 ECC RAM. I also plan to multiboot it with non-Mac OS as well.

Further complicating things is that I would like to run OSX versions other than just the latest. One reason is for software compatibility - for instance i'm told that Final Cut Pro 7 will no longer work as of 10.13 no matter what you do, so that makes me want a dual boot with 10.12 and 10.13. Then I realize there might be other software that no longer works either so I can't say that's the only older OS I may be interested in! I'm not sure what else offhand because i'm new to mac stuff (except for the way old PowerPC days) but wanting to get back into it, learn about it, and start using apps under it.

I could expand things further but i'll wait to see how the first questions go.

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i haven't use any sas2 cards myself, so have no idea on them.But i find in the link ppl are using them and some of them are well supported.

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