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Coffee Lake compatible Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards


You guys might be able to help me with the conundrum I've got myself in. I recently got myself a job, and now have a stable source of income coming in and thought it was about time to buy a new computer. I went to the apple website and configured the one I wanted, but that was all too expensive, so I went down the route of making a hackintosh. I just recently bought an old Macintosh Classic 2 PC, which I will be reworking into the case of the computer. But I'm still having issues choosing a motherboard. Where could I find a list of micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards that are compatible with coffee lake to create a hackintosh with? 

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@Dmos @fantomas  @Allan @HackinDoge @noname @DUBZeeD


And @ anyone else I have forgotten - met Cake on the Discord channel and of course I was no help...


The cake is not a lie - TheCakeOne hsa hear this one before so everyone make sure to repeat it :P


awww @kyndder....  how could I have forgotten you...

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