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Hi guys, I tried to create Hackintosh from my device several times, but I always failed. So before I will start again, I just want to be sure, that I am able to do it with my HW.

What I have:
CPU: Core-i7 7700K
GPU: GTX 1080 WindForce 3X OC (GV-N1080G1 GAMING-8GD)
RAM: HyperX Fury 64 GB DDR4 (HX421C14FB/16)
MB: ASRock Z270 Pro4

  1. HP Z24s (4K - display port)
  2. SAMSUNG SyncMaster 204B (1600x1200 - DVI)
  3.  (FHD - HDMI-converted to DVI for the display)

Soundcard: Lexicon Alpha

  1. Samsung EVO 850 - 500GB (running windows, NTFS)
  2. WD Blue 1TB (just data, NTFS)
  3. Seagate ST3000VX000-9YW166 3TB (windows user folders + data, NTFS)
  4. Samsung EVO 850 256GB (clear, planned for Mac OS)

Then there is nothing special about my peripherals and I am pretty sure that this is my whole PC config currently running Windows from SSD. 

I am sorry for this long list, but I am completely lost in the installation always ending on different errors, so I want to be sure that it is possible to install Mac OS on my hardware.

Thank you for any help or suggestion! I will provide every information I can to help you help me :) .

hwinfo screenshot.png

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