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Speedstep Issues

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Hiya Knotty,

Long time no chat.... I have been busy with other "projects" and just getting back to the Chameleon stuff.

I still have not gotten this Speedstep stuff figured out... I tried to follow the InsaneleyMac tutorial linked somewhere on this thread, but without any luck. I get about 180 compile errors on my dsdt... Could I impose on you to help me with the edits? I did install the kext in SLE and ran PStateChanger... I am posting my results along with my dsdt.

Any help is immensely appreciated...


Hey Mango Man, good to hear from you! I'd be happy to take a look at it. Could you also post your original DSDT dump? Which rev is your board? And which BIOS are you using?

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Here is a dsdt I just created in Ubuntu. To others, this is NOT the dsdt you need to make OSX run...

My UD3P is rev 1.1 and I am using the F10e bios version.

Thanks again.

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Hi All,

Just got the NVDA error again. Freezes my entire system. Whole screen flickers for a second and everything locks up except my mouse, which can still move. The OS is entirely unresponsive, force quit doesn't work, nothing works. It's just totally frozen, only option is to do a hard reboot.

This is the last thing that appears in the console:

2/8/10 7:29:09 PM	kernel	NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! exception type = 0xd = GR: SW Notify Error

This started happening when I added my mm67's PStates to my DSDT and also added the LPC fix. Since then I've upgraded my whole DSDT to Aargh-A-Knot's cleaner version, with the modified PStates that mm67 posted for my processor.

It's obviously somehow related to my graphics card, but I had never seen this until I added the PStates and LPC fix. I should point out that Speedstepping does seem to be working great. Processor is changing based on load and the temperature is significantly lower (idles at 38 degrees vs 51 without speedstepping).

Kexts I'm using are:






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Hello - the board and Graphics card you have was part of the original Lifehacker guide and a great deal of work was put into that and it was very successful some months ago. Unlike Aargs DSDT Lifehackers is a lot larger and I cannot recall whether there are any speedstep mods. But it works well and should work with the kexts you are using. If you compare the Graphic inputs in the lifehacker option you might find where you existing 9800 GTX is having problems.

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