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Help with Extensions.mkext

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Guys, I give up. I thought I will be able to do it on my own, but this is 4th day I spent on it and it drives me nuts.

Ok, first things first - maybe someone will read this and they will find it useful.

My mobo is: X58A-UD3R with i7 920. Graphic card Gigabyte 9800GT.

My Chameleon 2 RC4 resides on USB chip.

Now, I have installed SL 10.6 on it using Chameleon from EX58A. Everything worked fine apart from Network (but that has been done with RealtekR1000SL.kext - however no Gigabit speeds, any advice on this?).

Of course my audio did not work, therefore I was still searching for correct kexts etc, and found USB image for X58A-UD7 from kexts.com. To my surprise audio works but only after I updated SL to 10.6.2. But my computer does not restart properly - it frezes.

Now my problem, I have 2 /Extra folders that I want to merge, as I want to move kexts responsible for Power and Restart to the new image, but I am puzzled as to how to do it.

On the old one (the one with working power) all kexts are in /E/E folder. On the new one (USB image) everything is in Extensions.mkext. I tried unpacking mkext to Extensions in my first step checking if audio would still be on, and bootloader hangs on gray screen with Apple logo. I have read that if mkext is corrupted or non-existent it would read /E/E. What am I doing wrong here. I would like to have these kexts in /E/E as I could still add some stuff to it later on. Somehow it could be done as the old /Extra folder had everything in /E/E folder and no Extensions.mkext.

Also, do you guys know how to make SPDIF to work? I have my output connected to graphic card and TV connected to it via HDMI - be careful if you update to 10.6.2. If you have TV connected to HDMI computer will freeze. You have to update gf kexts to version 10.6.1.

Thanks for all suggestions.


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First off, welcome!

Second, please post your full specs in your sig.

IMHO, people make too big a deal about the Extensions.mkext. It really is not necessary. It might shave a second off boot at best. Just put all your kexts in Extensions. If once you have been running stable for a while and you are happy with your configuration, then worry about the mkext.

If you are using an updated boot file (Asere or Chameleon RC5 pre-release), you should really only need FakeSMC, LegacyHDA, RealtekR1000SL & IONetworkingFamily, and maybe something for the Orange icons. Just get the latest versions of these and stick them in E/E.

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I agree with you, I do not need mkext. But as I am a newbie in hackintosh world, after reading a lot of stuff my impression was that I could just unpack the mkext, put the files into Extentions and voila...

Now either this is not exactly true or I just dont know how to unpack mkexts properly (I would vote for the latter). I tried unpacking and putting it to Extensions but then Chameleon would freeze on the apple logo...

What is the correct way of doing this? Should I use i386 or x64 mode (my proc is 64 bit, but I am not sure how Chameleon comes into play with all of this)? I have separate USB drive for this purpose, so my /E/E are detached from SL.

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