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Working Lion on Dell N15011 but cant boot from harddrive

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This is so frustrating usually i work stuff out myself but im really stuck on this one ive tried everything. I can only boot lion with my usb which has chameleon on it. Ive tried several bootloaders on my hard drive and all fail to find the bootloader cuase i get a black screen saying.

boot0: GPT

boot0: test

boot0: test

boot0: test

boot0: GPT

boot0: test

boot0: test

boot0: test

boot0: error

I have used MB{censored}, Chameleon standalone, and the latest ive have now is chameleon wizard and yes i have read a similar topic on here (http://www.osx86.net/10-7-lion/12769-chimera-boot0-gpt-boot0-test-boot-error.html) regarding this error i followed thoose steps and no good. The system doesnt seem to recognise the bootloader its driving me nuts.

My specs are

Dell Laptop

4G Mem


650 Gig hard drive split into 2 partitions one with Mac lion and the other windows 7

please help

Sorry i just realised i posted in the wrong area

Edited by Woodsr

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