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  4. AMD APU Series laptops 10.7.3 Tutorial (WIP)

    Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535: AMD A4-4300m CPU / GPU hybrid (APU) 4gb 1333 ram (APU)> HD 7420g onboard graphics WD500gb 7200rpm hdd UEFI Bios
  5. AMD APU Series laptops 10.7.3 Tutorial (WIP)

    ola amigo ..eu tenho o msm notebook com a msm configuraçao do amigo ai ..mas eu problemas e q nao conseguir encontra nem uma kexts para ele grafico de video wifi rede intena som etc... se vc mim pode ajuda como encontra todos as kexts eu agradeço ob: estou estalei macos sierra no meu notebook lenovo
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  7. Hi, You can create/restore your HDD/SSD installation image with CCC or Disk Utilty - Many tutorials/videos can be found with google. Good luck -fantomas1
  8. hi i was able to install sierra on my pc desktop not everythingk ok perfectly but i would like to create an image of my installation i have terabyte image for linux, it can create an image of osx ,and clonezilla the question is : is there a way to restore the image to smaller or bigger ssd? thanks
  9. OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    I'll give it a shot... let you all know. Thanks.
  10. Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Now, how can i get the bluetooth working?? Any idea??
  11. Maybe be vox has something to do with it ,why not u try VMware and try it out
  12. OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    DOH! Same results. Set to the following: Anymore Ideas? I've updated Clover... I'm puzzled... Do you think, maybe the Cache service wants a legit registered mac?
  13. Mac OS X em Notebook Positivo 7690

    Eu tenho exatamente esta mesma configuração, rede funciona(cabeada) som funciona, mas nao consigo um vidoe decente, até consegui instlar as kext para a Intel HD300, mas quando reinicia volta a ser Intel HD2000 com64 mb de memoria e o vos videos e imagens ficm com lags.
  14. Hello. 😀 At first, welcome at OSx86! And yes, you're definitely in the right place. 😉 For your first jump in the discovery of hackintosh world, I would suggest to you to read a lot before launching; building/installing/tweaking of a Hackintosh is far from an exact science! Some Guides & Tutorials for laptops! The goal is not to build a cheap mackintosh but to learn about how macOS runs on a non-Apple labeled hardware. Good luck! 👊😉
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  16. hello i'm new in all of this matter of Hackintosh, hope that i'm in the right page, sorry for my english if you don't understand what i'm trying to say, i want to know if is possible to install any version of Mac OSX on my laptop, i have a HP Pavilion G6-2249wm, AMD A6-4400m, Radeon HD7520G, 4GB of RAM and 750 GB of HDD, any kind of help is wellcome
  17. Ya that's what I meant to say - DOH!
  18. change your smbios use macpro 3,1 above
  19. OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    That's for serving the Cache, so that is correct. And the response is 400, not 404... but thanks for the thought
  20. Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Glad it worked for you. The kext is located at IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins/AirPortAtheros40.kext
  21. Apple présente macOS "High" Sierra

    macOS High Sierra 10.13 GM candidate (17A362a)
  22. Hi there, Looks like your network config: Seems like you are only allowed to access the local subnet (local subnet range only: and hence you get a 404 going to https://lcdn-registration.apple.com/lcdn/register Not sure where that would be configured though... ideas anyone?
  23. Hi Guys, I've got a dilema, I want to run a OSX Server for iOS caching. So, I've got 10.11.6 up and running. But when I try to turn on Cache, I get: So I'm a bit puzzled. Any tips, my Virtualbox EFI script is: Everything else seems to work really well except this. Thanks
  24. Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Awesome!! Work like a Charm on 10.12.6!! thanks a lot dude! just a question...where is the AirPortAtheros40.kex to download??

    Hi there, Its seems to me that your config.plist is pre made and it has lots for useless things on it.What ever with <#.../> you can remove. As for dsdt goes try drop all the tables using clover F3 when boot.Because the dsdt you provided has some external links from SSDTs. Most likely you need just basic patches like battery,Fn keys,USB,and some basic patches. use MaciASL for the patches.if u cant will help you to do some.

    ASUS K52JR i5-430M ATI moblity R. HD 5470 1002:68E0 1366x768 Conexant Cx20585 AR9285 RT2870 intel Siera 5 Macbookpro6,2 Please help analyze dsdt and diff because i do not know what to do and i do not have inderrations for asus k52jr dsdt and clover config please help landofoz.zip
  27. Black screen after usb boot

    This always caused by GPU .so just try to disable nvidia driver should work for now.After install os then ,u can start patch GPU kext or install wedriver
  28. Cable unplugged problem

    Hi there, its better to post bdmesg or dmesg logs.Anyway amd has this issue with network cards.try a bit older kext and rebuild ur permission and cache
  29. ASUS X550JX

    Did you ever install a hackintosh before? If not, then I suggest you to read more about before to work hands-on. Google search: create os x usb installer on windows You'll find here many guides and tutorials: https://www.osx86.net/forums/forum/12-guides-tutorials/ Good luck! fantomas
  30. ASUS X550JX

    I used this one I'll work with photoshop and sketch on it. But when i installed show me only intel hd graphics 4600 and gliched
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