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  4. Rapaz, a 5770 eu deixei de lado, vou comprar outra gráfica, eu vi essa imagem ontem, depois que eu fui olhar que tinha uma kext para a USB, mas no meu note não havia apresentado esse problema com as USBS, mas vai saber né, por segurança irei colocar também, é que tenho que esperar para testar, pois esse meu note fica ligado nas câmeras de segurança de minha residência, então estou esperando a hora pra desligar e testar, valeu pela atenção, André. EDIT.: Outro ponto importante, é saber se ele está testando com o sistema já instalado e iniciado pela primeira vez com outra gráfica, ou ele está iniciando pela primeira vez com a gráfica intelHD3000, por que eu já li relatos que até a HD 5770 sobe o sistema Catalina clonado de outra máquina, mas não consegue instalar e nem subir pela primeira vez de forma nenhuma o Catalina, nem com fakeID, então fica a dúvida, André.
  5. Be aware that your HD5770 will never work again on 10.14 and higher, at least nobody didn't figurate out yet why it does not work. About your Intel HD 3000, re-check.
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  7. Aqui, foi tranquilo, André.
  8. Fantomas, fiz o procedimento recomendado, reparei todas as permissões, reconstruí o cache ao iniciar o Catalina em Single user, subi com o clover e com o opencore e nada meu amigo, ele reinicia, ele carrega os caches certinho, mas nada, vou continuar tentando e acompanhando o macRumors pra ver, pelo que li, nas Nvidias velhas deu certo, valeu e se souber de algo novo me avise, abraço, André.
  9. Obrigado por avisar fantomas, vou dar uma olhada aqui, mas o que ele fez eu já tinha feito aqui, menos o framework Skylink, porém logo em seguida o usuário Badruzeus informou que não deu certo pra ele. Aqui eu uso a intelH3000, vou fazer e postarei o retorno, grato, André.
  10. Didn't test it yet but it may be a solution (credits to fusion71au) original topic
  11. macOS Mojave 10.14.6 beta 2 (18G48f)
  12. Thanks a lot dude! Perfectly working on Sierra 16a323 Motherboard - Gigabyte Ga-g41mt-s2p (via vt2021 audio codec)
  13. Version 2.0


    Disable SIP before running the installer. Change Log: Added the Atheros Support for macOS Catalina. Added macOS detection for necessary file installation. Backing up the original IO80211Family.kext for macOS Catalina to desktop. Known issues: No 5GHz network detection. Rebuilding system caches with SIP enable ends up with errors. After each major macOS Catalina update you may need to run the installer.
  14. dosdude1 Alright, so for those who were wondering, myself and @parrotgeek1 have been working on this acceleration issue on our own, and have come to the conclusion that it is not going to be possible to achieve graphics acceleration on non-Metal video cards in Catalina. This is for various reasons, but the main one is the SkyLight and CoreDisplay dependencies. In Catalina, SkyLight and CoreDisplay have been changed greatly, and are interdependent on each other. Meaning, if you replace one from an older version of macOS, you must replace the other, otherwise you'll be left with a ton of unresolved symbols. The problem with doing this, though, Catalina's AppKit relies on all the new functions present in the Catalina CoreDisplay framework. You cannot use a copy of AppKit from an older macOS version, without causing a ton more unresolved symbols.TLDR, based on this analysis, non-Metal GPU acceleration is not, and will not be possible on 10.15 Catalina. With that said, I will not be releasing the "usual" patcher for 10.15. I do not believe the general public should be using a copy of macOS without full graphics acceleration (I sure as heck know I wouldn't want to), and I'm not going to release a patch that results in extremely poor system performance for the end user (not to mention I would get thousands of complaints per day about it if I did).I will, however, more than likely make somewhat of a "cut down" patch, designed for use only on Mac Pro systems and some iMacs that have had their video cards upgraded.I'm as disappointed as you all are about this discovery, and deeply apologize I won't be able to provide a patcher because of it. bom, acredito que uma das grandes vertentes deu uma desanimada, André.
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  16. Congratulations to @terrymardi !!! They are now the proud new owner of an Angelbird 1TB SSD WRK with a custom paint job. Let's hope he sends a picture of it in its new home SC
  17. Hello, I tried to install Mac Mojave 10.14.5 on MSI GF62VR 7RF, but after I successfully installed Mojave on HD and trying to boot from it, I get stuck at logo bar with 0% progress. I tried verbose mode to get some details but I also get stuck at the same logo bar. Attached my clover. CLOVER.zip
  18. Beleza, valeu, André. EDIT.: tentei subir o Catalina com o opencore e nada também, nem sem gráfica
  19. It's still too early to determine what will work and what will not. We are currently discovering the changes in macOS Catalina and how they're working. It takes some times to figurate it out and deploy the patchwork or whatever.
  20. Hey guys. I've been having a super frustrating time getting my rig to work properly with the Sapphire Pulse RX 580. For whatever reason it will just crash randomly when I'm working with Photoshop files, simple Final Cut projects, and even watching 4K content. The card worked out of the box without any patches and I've tried pretty much tried everything I can think of which you can read in this thread - https://www.{censored}.com/threads/hackintosh-crashing-photoshop-final-cut-4k.269107/ - I thought I had this solved by flipping a switch on the card but it's still crashing at random. I've attached some screenshots of about this mac, another guide I tried, and my EFI folder. I'm seriously out of options on this one and I'm super close to just calling it day and selling this thing. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Intel Core i7 8700K Sapphire Pulse RX 580 Corsair CS 750M Power Supply Corsair Vengeance LPX 48GB Memory Another question would be, are there any other cards that I could replace this with that will work straight out of the box with no tinkering or work arounds? EFI.zip
  21. Sim fantomas, a Install eu já fiz desde o primeiro dia, tanto com a HD5770, quanto com a intelHD3000 e já tinha visto as duas partições, o difícil é fazer subir com aceleração essas duas graphics sem suporte ao metal, nem sem aceleração elas sobe. No 10.14, a HD5770 subia, mas sem aceleração, a intelHD3000 subia no 10.14 com aceleração (conforme imagens já postadas aqui), colocando kexts antigas e frameworks antigos, mas agora, o Catalina não dá nem suporte a isso mais, vou tentando aqui, Abraço.
  22. @andrehtm When you install macOS Catalina, it will create two (2) separated "read-only" partitions in the same APFS container, one for system files and second for data files. The first one (system files) is named Macintosh HD and the second one (your data files) is named Macitosh HD - Data, which is hidden by default. Finder will only show Macintosh HD partition with the traditional folders (such like System). If you want to be able to write on these partitions, SIP should be disabled (nothing new when you use hackintosh, right? ). The Data partition will be mounted in /System/Volumes/Data but its original place is here, in /System/Library/Templates/Data. Like I said, we'll have to wait to see if our developers will be able to provide an alternative way, such like third kexts loading with Clover. Now, HD 5770 does not works since 10.14 (while Intel HD 3000 does) - No reasons found why especially this one (this GPU works OOB in all previous versions), nor any workaround. And I do not think this will change with 10.15. Now about other non-Metal GPUs, which work on 10.14, I guess they should (in theory) work on 10.15 as well. The only issue could come from what was said above. And yes, that's what it is a hackintosh - A long (hi)story.
  23. E as gráficas que não suportam metal, praticamente estão sem chances de subir o Catalina, estou na luta aqui com a intelHD3000 e 5770, mas está bem complicado, já troquei várias kexts e frameworks e até agora nada, mas vamos tentando, quem sabe, abraços, André.
  24. Juste à se rappeler que macOS Catalina ne s'installe uniquement qu'en APFS. HFS+ et MBR ne sont plus supportés. Peut-être qu'une alternative verra jour dans un avenir proche, peut-être pas. Mais nous restons focus sur le développement et les avancés de la communauté hackintosh et en particuliers de leurs développeurs/codeurs.
  25. Be aware that macOS Catalina is supporting APFS only!!! No more support for HFS+, nor MBR. Maybe we'll see a workaround in near future, not sure.
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