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  3. Been needing a new SSD for a while now!
  4. Error when installing drivers with MB{censored} 10.4.0 in High Sierra 10.13.6 I have just installed High Sierra 10.13.6 - Build: 17G65 When trying to install the drivers with MB{censored} 10.4.0 it seemed like a message that the installation failed (printscreen, MB{censored} and install log attached). Note: I tried to install only the sound card, and it gave the same error. Any suggestions on how to proceed? DESKTOP: ASUS G20CB-B21 | ASUS H170-P/G20CB/DP_MB | Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz | NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB | Realtek 8821AE | Realtek ALC887 | 16GB DDR4 SDRAM | SSDs: 120GB Kingston | HDD: 1TB TOSHIBA install log.txt Multbeast log.txt
  5. I would like to win this ssd. thanks
  6. SSD speed is a beauty to behold!
  7. Of course i will, my computer would love this! Bien entendu! Mon ordinateur adorerait ça! Raphaël
  8. Poder disfrutar de un dispositivo como esto sería algo espectacular. SUERTE PARA TODOS LOS!!! Un millón de gracias
  9. @bbatzolboo Good Luck Your odds of winning are currently 1/928
  10. Thanks guys. What a wonderful news. Wish me luck !
  11. Last week
  12. Hello - been around gaining knowledge from osx86 for about 8 years...and I'm using osx86 for 12 years now. But, hey - now I need some free GB's Sure I'll donate some bucks soon, keep goin' on.
  13. Hi there, Clover can be installed in legacy mode, which should get you on your way. Support for your HD3000 iGPU was discontinued in High Sierra, so you'll need to rollback Mojave's graphics kexts to that version, if you choose to install macOS 10.14. Without specific specs for your WiFi card, it's impossible to tell whether it will work or not.
  14. Highly unlikely, especially if it's set up with AMD's Switchable Graphics implementation. If it's not chained to the iGPU and is standalone, there might be a chance via Lilu + WhateverGreen. Otherwise, for the sake of battery life amongst other things, you'd be better off disabling it.
  15. For posterity: what did you use instead of FakeSMC? VirtualSMC? One or the other is required to even boot macOS; chances are, one of the two was already installed somewhere in the background. You can verify which one you have by running `kextstat` as follows: kextstat | grep -v com.apple
  16. Thanks for the chance to win. Very good design, simply but stylish. Looks really great. Sure the hardware is impressive, would love to try it.
  17. the excellent works best with Angelbird WRK SSD
  18. Ssd experience will be wonderful ssd is really very fast love to replace my old hdd
  19. I always thought a 1TB SSD would only exist in my dreams considering the price of one. You guys are really generous for having this kind of event.
  20. Congratulations, It's a nice product and it will be successful no doubt!
  21. Something that would really be a big help in my productivity.
  22. This is a fantastic prize/Item that will add new life to my five year old laptop........looking forward


  23. Good luck every one! I need this item
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