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  3. which Bootloader is needed i use it but WiFi is not working
  4. which bootloader is needed?i use it but wifi is not working
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  6. Dear sir, could you please give me an input for installing hackintosh. Is there any solution to install hackintosh on toshiba portege R731c (Legacy BIOS), no update driver for UEFI BIOS with hardware configuration: Powered by a 2.50GHz Intel Core i5-2520M processorIntel HM65 Express chipset4GB of RAM (up to 8GB), and 128GB SSDDVD burner13.3-inch widescreen LED display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolutionOne USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 portsGigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, and WiMAXHDMI output, and D-SubSupport SDXC memory card slotExpressCard/54 slot, and fingerprint readerBuilt-in TPM security chip Thanks and regards,
  7. U torrent is an awesome thing and place to look but don't condone in any way just be carefull
  8. 10DE;Unknown vendor;139A;Unknown device;Display controller;3D controller this is the incompatible part, what to do? any solution?
  9. Bitcoin14NDVuwWNAhCpNhjkWKiuazoL4TwCznXbA

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  11. Claro que ainda é muito preliminar fazer comentários sobre um sistema que nem foi apresentado, apesar que esse sistema deve ser anunciado em Junho. De acordo com a Bloomberg a Apple planeja que os desenvolvedores possam portar aplicativos do IOS para o macOS ainda este ano. Pretende-se num futuro próximo, que o desenvolver tenha que criar somente um aplicativo e o mesmo iria rodar tanto no IOS quanto no macOS, o que acham disso? Lembram-se do que conversamos sobre o projeto de adoção do ARM? Faz todo o sentido. André. Matéria completa: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/macos-10-15/
  12. Did u get fully working? I know it's an old post but I have just got the same notebook Toshiba nb510 n would love to know what you used if you have got it running all I have is that notebook n a 1tb usb no other laptop etc so I need it to work from first attemp if you could mail me the usb image details or the complete usb image please
  13. Hi ı have hd4350 pls help me. I use El Capitan
  14. macOS Mojave 10.14.5 beta 2 (18F108f)
  15. i know this is a very, very old thread... but I wanted to say that this kext worked for me to get an old SIL3512 v1.3 card working under 10.14 Mojave. My card is a v1.3, which has a device id of 0x65121095, but otherwise its the same card. I added 0x65121095 to the info.plist file, and rebooted... and now the attached drives are visible and working. the drives do not show any controller information under system profiler, but the drives themselves are showing. Intel DQ67OWb3 + i7-2600 + SIL3512 v1.3 PCI card working fine on 10.14.4.
  16. afaik, people have had some success modifying ATI4600Controller.kext and adding the device ID (0x954F1002) Select "Show Package Contents". Check if the info.plist shows the Graphic Card PCI ID of ATI 4350 model . If its not there add it, then save the plist and install the edited kext with Kext Wizard. Hopefully someone with more experience than me will weigh in here, but I think that's worth a shot anyway. SC
  17. Hi, I need AMD HD 4350 kext or intall way for El Capitan pls help me.
  18. Dont install FakeSMC. Boot problem after install FakeSMC kext.
  19. [deleted]
  20. Ok, we are finally back on the upgrade path. The forum is now running the very latest version of IPB. More good stuff on the way soon. SC
  21. http://incrediblethings.com/tech/angelbird-cf-cards-fastest-durable-memory-cards/ Dedicated data recovery team at Angelbird if things go wrong, and they will even put your logo on them if you ask. Anyone have experience using these? Perform as expected? Worth the price? SC
  22. I have been debating whether to unhide this or not, and I think I agree with noname. I have tested the mega.nz link and the download went fine. Unhiding article now. SpecialCircumstances
  23. Guide is legit, download link is legit too, I don't see any problem with Mega.nz links. If RockinU2 isn't satisfied with free stuff, and free guides, maybe he should buy a real Mac, then go to App Store and download for free High Sierra, or whatever OS he wants and then install that image to his future hackintosh. Just my 2 cents.
  24. Neste final de semana tirei um tempo e resolvi me aplicar pra tentar fazer essa intelHD3000 512 mb subir no 10.14.4 em diante, consegui algo aqui, mas ainda não estou satisfeito, não está constante, tem vezes que sobe normal, tem vezes que o sistema carrega normal mas fica com tela preta, mas o sistema está rodando normal no fundo, então estou tentando acertar qui, abraços a todos e agradecimento a sacada do Dosdude1, mas não é para todos, André.
  25. hello i am new on hackintosh field and i would like to ask: Can i install mac os on this laptop ? and which versions can be installed ? which version is mostly suggested for my specs? Notice: i don't have access to a real mac, and also i don't have a cd/dvd device for burning ISOs , so if it's possible must be done with usb stick. I have attached a .txt with my specs Thanks for any help Have a nice day everybody hardinfo_report.txt
  26. Hello guys,I'm having a similar problem to everyone who owns a skylake chip where my vram only shows 7mb, which disables g acceleration.I want to use the full capability of my integrated gpu from intel.Is there a way I can get support. Thank you.OS: MAC OS HIGH SIERRA 10.13.6BOOTLOADER: CLOVERSPECS:Intel i7 6700HQINTEL 530HDNVIDIA 950M8GB RAMI've attached some files if it makes it any clear.p.s I've already tried putting 0x19160000 on igplatform. bootlog.txt config.plist
  27. Première bêta... macOS Mojave 10.14.5 beta (18F96h)
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