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  4. SOLVED: Turns out while trying to avoid APFS conversion and use HFS, i corrupted installation by following common method to modify the minstallconfig.xml located in target volume>macos install data.... Corrupted my installation, method does not work,. All is good . HFS on High Sierra working great. No Apple File Crap System
  5. Hi, Best approach for me was to just boot into USB and run terminal command from USB... WARNING: modifying the minstallconfig.xml in Target>macOS install data corrupted my installation. I highly do not recommend that approach! Here is CMD for high sierra -- Only change the_target_volume to whatever partition trying to install to... /Volumes/"Image Volume/Install macOS High Sierra.app"/Contents/Resources/startosinstall --volume the_target_volume --converttoapfs NO --agreetolicense
  6. Hi, Dealing with this error, have tried so many things cannot get an installation to work.. It should be noted: I have set minstallconfig .plist in target volume "macos install data" to convertAPFS to false.. I want HFS... I don't think this has any issue to do with this. I tried APFS, no luck either. Here is EFI: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jw6gmvoior6xlsi/AADda1hWKSyUD1Se2DpJUbPKa?dl=0
  7. Yeah me again lol macOS High Sierra and Mojave (and Catalina) will automatically convert all the SSD disks to APFS and macOS Mojave and newer will convert HDDs to APFS by default so you need to patch the installer manually with 3rd party apps. Check this out, it might be what you are looking for: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/762-high-sierra-mbr-and-firmware-check-patch/
  8. Hi, Trying to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra. I format as extended journaled in dusk utility before install and it forces APFS! What is the deal? I don't want APFS. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi, No you don't need patches for NVME for High Sierra and newer versions of macOS.
  10. Hi, Must I use NVMe kext patches for high sierra or does it work OBO?? Thank you
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  12. Помогите пожалуйста с ati radeon hd 3650 она определяется как 4890 но не могу изменить разрешение экрана и поставить звук с уважением к вам
  13. If it's not natively supported by your device then yeah you nee to add the Trim patch as well, just look inside System Profiler's NVMExpress and see if without the patch TRIM is supported or not.
  14. Hi, Do I still need trim patch for NVMe?
  15. Hi! I can always count on this forum! Thank you for simple explanation. Works great. NVME drive showing up good.
  16. macOS Catalina 10.15 beta 5 (19A526h)
  17. If you use Clover Configurator (the latest version is better) you can open the config.plist and under the Kernel and Kext Patches you can add the required patches one by one from the "List Of Patches" You need to add all the 17 Patches thought and then save the config.plist and then boot the Sierra installer.
  18. Hi, How to install NVME drive (CRUCIAL P1) 10.12.6??? Here is guide: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312803-patch-for-using-nvme-under-macos-sierra-is-ready/ No one explains how to actually install the patch in clover. Still working? Then how to apply thanks
  19. This update: • Makes downloaded issues available in the My Magazines section of Apple News+, both online and offline • Adds all publications in Apple News+, including newspapers, to the catalog at the top of the News+ feed • Adds the ability to clear downloaded magazine issues in Apple News+ by selecting History > Clear > Clear All • Addresses an issue which prevents creation of a new Boot Camp partition on iMac and Mac mini with Fusion Drive • Resolves an issue that may cause a hang during a restart • Resolves a graphics issue that may occur when waking from sleep • Fixes an issue that may cause fullscreen video to appear black on Mac mini • Improves file sharing reliability over SMB
  20. macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G84) Update Combo
  21. macOS Mojave 10.14.6 beta 5 (18G78a)
  22. macOS Catalina 10.15 beta 4 (19A512f)
  23. kkkkkkk, eu também acho, diminui os custos, software 100% alinhado com a arquitetura, assim como é no IOS e por fim, será a morte lenta e gradativa do hackintosh, infelizmente, André.
  24. macOS Mojave 10.14.6 beta 4 (18G71a)
  25. macOS Catalina 10.15 beta 3 (19A501i)
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