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    Hi, You can create/restore your HDD/SSD installation image with CCC or Disk Utilty - Many tutorials/videos can be found with google. Good luck -fantomas1
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    hi i was able to install sierra on my pc desktop not everythingk ok perfectly but i would like to create an image of my installation i have terabyte image for linux, it can create an image of osx ,and clonezilla the question is : is there a way to restore the image to smaller or bigger ssd? thanks
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    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    I'll give it a shot... let you all know. Thanks.
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    Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Now, how can i get the bluetooth working?? Any idea??
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    Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Version 1.0.0


    Atheros AR9485 (and possibly AR95xx) working with this patched AirPortAtheros40.kext on Sierra.
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    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    Maybe be vox has something to do with it ,why not u try VMware and try it out
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    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    DOH! Same results. Set to the following: Anymore Ideas? I've updated Clover... I'm puzzled... Do you think, maybe the Cache service wants a legit registered mac?
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    Hello. 😀 At first, welcome at OSx86! And yes, you're definitely in the right place. 😉 For your first jump in the discovery of hackintosh world, I would suggest to you to read a lot before launching; building/installing/tweaking of a Hackintosh is far from an exact science! Some Guides & Tutorials for laptops! The goal is not to build a cheap mackintosh but to learn about how macOS runs on a non-Apple labeled hardware. Good luck! 👊😉
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    hello i'm new in all of this matter of Hackintosh, hope that i'm in the right page, sorry for my english if you don't understand what i'm trying to say, i want to know if is possible to install any version of Mac OSX on my laptop, i have a HP Pavilion G6-2249wm, AMD A6-4400m, Radeon HD7520G, 4GB of RAM and 750 GB of HDD, any kind of help is wellcome
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    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    Ya that's what I meant to say - DOH!
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    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    change your smbios use macpro 3,1 above
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    OSX Cache Server in VirtualBox

    That's for serving the Cache, so that is correct. And the response is 400, not 404... but thanks for the thought
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    Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Glad it worked for you. The kext is located at IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins/AirPortAtheros40.kext
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    Apple présente macOS "High" Sierra

    Apple vient tout juste de dévoiler le nom de sa prochaine mise à niveau de son système d'exploitation fétiche, macOS High Sierra. Certes, ils ne sont pas allés bien loin pour trouver le nom mais Cupertino se justifie avoir aimé Sierra et ainsi veulent le raffiner à un niveau plus élève, d'où l'appellation "High". La Developer Preview est disponible aux développeurs dès aujourd'hui, la première bêta ouverte au public cet été (en juin) et la version finale pour cet automne.
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    Atheros AR9485 kext.

    Awesome!! Work like a Charm on 10.12.6!! thanks a lot dude! just a question...where is the AirPortAtheros40.kex to download??
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    Hi there, Its seems to me that your config.plist is pre made and it has lots for useless things on it.What ever with <#.../> you can remove. As for dsdt goes try drop all the tables using clover F3 when boot.Because the dsdt you provided has some external links from SSDTs. Most likely you need just basic patches like battery,Fn keys,USB,and some basic patches. use MaciASL for the patches.if u cant will help you to do some.
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    ASUS X550JX

    Did you ever install a hackintosh before? If not, then I suggest you to read more about before to work hands-on. Google search: create os x usb installer on windows You'll find here many guides and tutorials: https://www.osx86.net/forums/forum/12-guides-tutorials/ Good luck! fantomas
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    TP Link

    Hi, Please, use our research feature: BR fantomas
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    @ozziesironmanoffroad Not sure if we'll see you around again, but know that if you used a custom SSDT with your previous CPU, this one could cause all these issues you're actually incurring (or were?) with your new CPU. Removing this one could help to solve your issues or a new custom SSDT for your new CPU. You may have to check GenerateCStates and GeneratePStates via Clover GUI - maybe also GenerateXStates. Good luck! BR fantomas
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    Asus eeePC X101H

    Thanks Rory, I'll let you know if I have any more luck with another drive. Cheers!
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    Asus eeePC X101H

    Hi @jascot Not sure I can answer your question, but, cool - I didn't know you could do this on an eeePc until now The best advice I can give you is - all pen drives USB sticks whatever are not the same! Try it on a different one where you have't messed about with the partition table already. I have had a couple of occasions, using 2 sticks of the same size with the same partition tables, one is recognised in program X and not in Y and vice versa. Sounds stupid I know but worth excluding the possibility. Keep us updated
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    Version 1.0


    This is version for Windows that allow users to evaluate the hardware compatibility for MAC OSX. Requires Java JRE to run. Check your hardware before you install OSX ! Special thanks to el coniglio for this app !
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    CMI8738-v55-MC6 Kext.zip

    10.12.6 (16G29) (App-Store - Avto update) CMI-8738 - Yes System Version: macOS 10.13 (17A362a) YES
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    i've a "successful" installation of Clover + El Capitan, in the meaning that everything has been detected and "working" but....it's very very slow at the moment. it seems to me it was very fast after MB{censored} post-installation tasks, then i played around and made some mess because my internal audio was not working. OSX version: 10.11.6 Clover version:Clover 2443 Theme: osxnet Clover installations: Legacy CPU: Core 2 Duo 1.4Ghz RAM: 10Gb DDR2 667+800Mhz Motherboard: Gigabyte Extreme EP-45 Audio-Onboard: Integrated + USB GPU 1: nVidia 610 GeForce 2Gb Ram HDMI Audio 1:Onboard No,Working Mac Model(Smbios): iMac 2008 Boot flags(Arguments): dart=0 Anyone on the slowness issue? I had a working Chameleon with Mavericks installation before that and i notice that Clover is a lot harder to configure than Chameleon. Also, i've followed osx86.net to perform the upgrade and i've to say it worked like a charme. Then, it became slow.. probably my fault somewhere in between.
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    can you share your config
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    Apple présente macOS "High" Sierra

    Você testou o AFPS Fantomas? É mais rápido? Aqui usei o HFS+, pois não posso zerar meu ssd agora, até porque o 10.13 ainda é beta, André.
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    Apple présente macOS "High" Sierra

    Achei a instalação muito sofrida, muito demorada, tudo demora, mas está rodando 100%, só falta testar minha applehda, abraços, André. EDIT.: audio 100%
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    Apple présente macOS "High" Sierra

    Yes, the caravan moves on. Any insight as to whether HFS read ability or HFS+ read/write will still be enabled in APFS? As with BSD, Apple aquired a rather old dog to present it brushed up as soething new: BTRFS. btrfs-features-1405320.pdf Edit: Quote from Apple: macOS High Sierra also maintains complete read-and-write compatibility with previously formatted HFS drives.
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    Version AppleHDA 272.50.31


    My modified kext for Notebook ASUS K53SJ Codec: Realtek ALC269VB Vendor Id: 0x10ec0269 Subsystem Id: 0x10431ac3 Revision Id: 0x100100 Layout ID : 28 Tested on OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 (final release)
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    Asus eeePC X101H

    have u ever run snow leopard on asus x101h? if yes, can u tell me how you do it? thanx 4 helping