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    You're a genius!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS!! Installation works perfectly But I don't understand how I can save Clover to SSD.. I copy EFI folder from USB, and then? I only see 3 option during the boot: run Mavericks, run UEFI from SSD and run windows from USB. (but I not have installed Windows) ? Scrolling with 2 finger works for you? In settings is enabled but not works for me. ? EDIT: scrolling now works
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    Thanks again for the help. I'm not at the level of sophistication where I'm making my own DSDT file, so I ended up rolling back to a backup I had of 10.9.1 and -viola- full sound is back. Not sure when I'll dip my toes in the water again with upgrading but I'll make sure to have a backup handy incase it happens again.
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    i got mine fixed by using patched?AMD4800Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext made by nyolc8 on insanelymac.
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    ? That is one massive blog post - with some massive work, if this is needed.? The fact that it booted once and booted with Chimera, doesn't this indicate that patching the kext by hand is not necessary? As I understand the process, this would be needed with every OS update where the drivers are changed. I bought the 7970 (R9 280x) with the goal that it would work without such middling, as forum users commented it is natively supported by OS X starting with 10.8.5
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    Connecting to App Store

    OK! ? That explains that.? My onboard ethernet is en0 and my installed ethernet card is en1. ? Currently, my onboard network is not working, but the card IS.? I'll have to fix this before I can access the App Store. ? Thank you.
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    the method with SSD in fat32 not work for me... ?now I've installed Clover in SSD->EFI (with Mac OSX extended) and works perfectly ? touchpad scrolling: go to setting-> trakpad ->speed of scrolling ? and set it to max speed.. now try scrolling, if it works reduce speed progressively. ? If I turn off pc, I see "CPU halted" on the screen and then it became black, but leds and fan are on. I must do a reset... why?? ? UPDATE: I find the problem: if I remove my wifi adaptor (d-link dwa 121), power off and reboot work perfectly
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    Chat gone?

    Fixed now! My bad, sorry about that :-)
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    Hd 6770 not working in 10.9.2

    Next time I will buy a GTX card. :/
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    Hd 6770 not working in 10.9.2

    Ah I didn't see that, I'll report back in a few! ? Update: success! Thanks for your help!
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    Hd 6770 not working in 10.9.2

    Go into Contents > version.plist, and post the version here. ?It should be 1.20.11... ? The kext should be attached below... AMDSupport-1.20.11.zip
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    [SOLVED]Update fail

    Were you using patched video kexts? When you update, all kexts get replaced by the brand new Apple's ones so if you aren't patching on-the-fly with the bootloader or using "injector kexts" technique, you will lose your patches.
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    Hey! Very glad to hear one more positive feedback! About putting Clover to the SSD, I'm not talking about the boot options that you see in big icons but the real Clover options, a small gear icon one row below. You'll probably see two of them if you're booting from the USB and you've already put the files to the SSD. Read on the guide how to know which is the correct one. Scrolling with the touchpad doesn't work for me, how did you get it?
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    Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

    Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 ? 10.9.2 adds FaceTime Audio calls, call waiting support, block incoming iMesssages, improves Mail, Improves Safari, Audio fixes, etc! So get it now via "App Store"?
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    Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

    Thanks! ? Was slightly annoyed that unlike the beta PKG installers, this one actually kicked me into the "Installing Software Update" screen, so I couldn't patch the AMD kexts for my GPU without rebooting into safe mode. ? Also, the Apple login animation (where the apple slides to the top-center and the login form shows) actually shows a little with this update, normally my screen will just go black, then come back with the login screen...
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    Apple releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

    Just Update 10.9.2 13c64, works good, ? Thanks John?
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    Which one? https://wikidevi.com/wiki/TP-LINK_TL-WN725N_v1 https://wikidevi.com/wiki/TP-LINK_TL-WN725N_v2 ? Realtek has kexts for many chipsets:?http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=21&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&ProdID=274&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#2297 ? Atheros is not a solution for a Realtek chipset. After installing a driver package, add a new connection in Preferences/Network. Usually you will have to use the Realtek WLAN manager, not Apple´s Airport utility.
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    Thank you for your detail guide, I followed it and sucessfully installed mavericks on my samsung 530u3b. Everything seems fine. ? I devided hdd to 4 partitions: OSX (to install mac), Install (to restore OS X base), Data and Win (to install win). Both Data and Win are under FAT format. The proplem is that when boot to windows installation, it is allowed to install only on Data but Win. I don't know why and still get stuck there. ? Another question, do I have to use Clover usb to boot or can boot directly from hdd. When I remove Clover usb, it just loops at reboot. ? Still get problem with it after sleep, I can not turn on it unless push and keep power button to completely turn off computer. Another issue with wireless usb Sapido (Au-4512S), laptop freezes when i take out usb, i guess some problem with kexts.
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    Hello Everyone, ? This Full List of Hardwares e.g Motherboard ,Audio,Ethernet,Wifi,Graphics which are natively Supported in Mac OS X or needs ?patches to activate them through kexts,DSDT,Kernel Flags etc. ? This Forum contains lots of similar questions e.g. These are My System Specs are supported ??? so there is an answer for those Question .this my little effort to Save your time in creating post/thread waiting for reply/answer bcoz we can't make up for you waiting ,time means alot . plz read before buying/building/creating hackintosh . ? ? Note : It does not mean that the hardware not listed here does not work with OSX, this table means that the hardware listed here works out of box with OSX or it is easier to make it work with OSX. ? When you buy new, you should always consider components in-order from top->bottom as the components from top of the table would be the one added recently and would be compatible with the latest version of OSX. Also, make sure the components you select here according to your budget are compatible with each other, that is the motherboard you select should be compatible with the processor you select. One way to make sure of it is to see the socket of the processor eg : 1150,1155,1156 ?and your ?motherboard should have the same socket support.? ? Bios: As per we know UEFI Bios Motherboard and laptops their Bios are fully comaptible with OSX but Some of Vendor's Like Asus,MSI,Asrock have Locked Bios for their own so that are not supported then you need to patch you Bios..in the Latest Intel Chipsets 8 Series Board's Bios of Most of Vendor's are not locked means you don't need to do anything? ? ? ? Processor (CPU): - 1st, 2nd (SandyBridge), 3rd (IvyBridge) and 4th generation (Haswell) Intel Core i series processors are supported including 2011 socket SandyBridge-E/EN/EP and IvyBridge-E/EN/EP Core i7/Xeon cpus. Simply, Core2Duo / Core2Quad / 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Core i3, i5, i7 / Xeon 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, E3, E5, E7 processors are supported. ? - AMD processors are not supported but by using Patched Kernel ?AMD is fully supported . ? Motherboard: - Please read with attention and do not continuously ask questions about your motherboard compatibility. ? - Most of UEFI/Non-UEFI Intel chipset motherboards are supported. Simply, chipsets from 945G to C6xx are supported. Common chips are 945, 965, 975, P35, P43, P45, P55, G31, G41, G43, X58, H61, HM65, HM67, H67, P67, Z68, Z77, X79, Z87 and C6xx. South bridges from ICH5 to newest Intel 8 Series are supported. (ICH5-6-7-8-9-10, 5-6-7-8 Series) ? - Besides the main chipset model, a motherboard has many components. Every component itself may or may not be compatible and even may be problematic for Mac OS X. Also, BIOS of the motherboard may be problematic for this OS. Because of these reasons, some motherboards will not be able to run this OS easily, they might need hard effortsin order you to make it work and some of them will never run it. Search google and try it on your computer. If a hardware is compatible with OSX, then it is compatible with Mavericks, simple as this 8-) Most of Gigabyte Motherboards are recommeded for Hackintosh bcoz they have full hackintosh support . ? Graphics (GPU): - Intel Graphics HD 3000, HD 4000 and HD 5000 are supported, the rest are not. HD 5000 driver supports HD 4200, HD 4400, HD 4600, HD 5000, HD 5100 and HD 5200. ? - nvidia vga cards from G80 core to the newest Tesla series are supported on 10.9.1. This does not mean that all of them will work of course but most of them will work with Mavericks. Simply, nvidia 8xxx / 9xxx / 1xx / 2xx / 3xx / 4xx / 5xx / 6xx / 7xx cards are supported. ? - About ATI, Mac OS X 10.9 and Clover bootloader gives us more hope and less pain about ATI support. Simply, ATI 7xxx/6xxx/5xxx/4xxx chipsets are supported but of course still more pain and less success comparing with nvidia. Mavericks has some options for ATI's including device_id injection and framebuffer override packages to make more of the ATI cards work with less pain. Still, many of the users may have to take some additional steps to use their ATI cards after installation. ? -Connectors/Ports for Connecting Monitor - They are also Main Part of OSX means shows how you have connected your Monitor with Cpu ,so following are Connectors/ports for Hackintosh:: 1.Dvi (Recommended) 2.HDMI ?(Hdmi is not fully functional in Hackintosh you need to Patch APPLEHDA for Audio working ) ? 3.Thunderbolt port ?(if your Motherboard have Thunderboalt Support/port) 4.Display Port (Optional i have not tested it yet) 5.VGA (As we know Mac OSX Doesn't Supports VGA for using VGA you need to patch your kexts but it's not recommeded in Mavericks by me ,,so another option is Descrete Graphic Card which allows you to use you graphics with full qe/ci). ? ? Network Devices: - Common wired and wireless network devices that are auto-detected by N{censored} Distro's. There may still be problematic chips but most of them will work OOB with Mavericks . - Intel Gigabit and Intel Pro/100 - Realtek RTL8111, 8168, 8101E, 8102E, 8131E, 8169, 8110SC, 8169SC - Atheros AR8121, 8113, 8114, 8131, 8151, 8161, 8171, 8132,8151, 8152, 8162, 8172 - Broadcom BCM5722, 5752, 5754, 5754M, 5755, 5755M, 5761, 5761e, 57780, 57781, 57785, 5784M, 5787, 5787M, 5906, 5906M, 57788, 5784M - Marvell 88E8035, 88E8036, 88E8038, 88E8039, 88E8056, 88E8001 Wireless: Some chips (ie. Atheros ar5008, Broadcom BCM4311) are natively supported by OS X. So, this is not the complete wifi support list of OS X. - Atheros AR9285, 9287, 9227 - Broadcom BCM4312, 4321, 4322, 43224, 43225, 43227, 43228, 4352 (Some of these broadcom chips need rebranding in order to work on OS X.) here is link which have full list of compatible wifi chipsets? RAM: - ?Minimum amount of RAM is 2GB,But i Recommended to use minimum 4GB. ? Sound: - Sound device is auto-detected by VoodooHDA and nearly all of the onboard sound devices are supported.if you have issue with audio like whistling ,sluttering etc. then your own onboard or externel card Kexts? Realtek ALC8XX is fully compatible with Mavericks . ? Disk Space: - Recommended minimum amount of disk space for installation is 30GB. (Software RAID installation is supported and all operations are automated for all of the bootloaders.) ? KeyBoard/Mouse: you are able to use old keyboard/mouse means PS/2 keyboards mouse but you will have some trouble with it ,so my recommendation is to USB or Wireless Keyboard/Mouse. ? Notice ::This guides doesn't means your hardware is fully supported it's compatible and able to work with ,if it's work OOB then you don't need to do anything otherwise you need to put some efforts? ? ? ? original post written by Deepak
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    Thanks you so much! ? I've installed mavericks on my NP530U3B following this guide and it was easy? . I have ?not installed Windows yet. ? However, I have two main problems... ? 1- Laptop display is not working. At first it had very low backlight, as you described, but in a moment (i'm not sure when, but system was running) the laptop display turned off. I have a HDMI display connected working well. In Setting - Displays only HDMI monitor is detected. ? 2- Can't see battery percentage (either battery icon). I imagine that ACPIBatteryManager is not working. I've tried installing last version, but nothing changes. ? Lots of thanks.?
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    NVidia GeForce 9400 + 9500 for 64 Bit

    Almost have it in 10.9, just am stuck at 1024x768
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    GMA X/4500/M/MHD/HD +64 bit kext

    I use the AppleIntelGMA4500FB2A42.kext for my Dell Latitude E5500 with Intel 4500MHD vendor id 2a42 but after restart I got black screen.
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