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    NVIDIA Web Driver Updater © InsanelyMac application for downloading Retail & Beta!!! Nvidia Web Driver versions Enjoy! With special thanks to: Micky1979 Please, download the app from our "Download Section" See more captures: App is ready to start the download.. ..oops you already have the latest version installed.. ..downloading ... the download is finished (copy on desktop or run the package ) ..no matter, the modded package is into your desktop:
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    Sleep and Trim on HP8200

    You need to fix USB ports in DSTD? - For USB 2.0, rename your USB to EHC1/EHC2 or change IONameMatch. - For USB 3.0, rename your USB to XHC1 or change IONameMatch. ? Fixing usb ports depend on your SMBios? Every mac version have different port numbers? - iMac 14,1 use ports 1,2,3,4 - MacBookPro 9,1 use ports 1,2,5,6 ? If your motherboard have usb 3.0 don't use models that don't have usb 3.0 (for example MacPro 3,1 etc...) Do a little research or wait for easier solution.
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    El Capitan VS. Yosemite - Hackintosh

    rootless=0 flag disable System Integrity Protection so that you can load third party kexts and enable trim on SSD? People are saying that there is no need for rootless flag in El Capitan final version but i didn't have time to try final release ,i will do it in next few day ? But if you have this flag in your config.plist it won't affect your pc performance at all, this flag will only give you permission to access and modify system files.
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