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    Version 1.9.6


    Hackintosh Vietnam Tool is a collection of many kexts and tools for Hackintosh. It will help you setup your Hackintosh faster and easier than ever. The tool is mainly for Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, but some can be used for Mountain Lion too. Main features: install and config Chameleon, create Clover config, install and patch kexts, system fixes and tools. All feedback are welcome, and please post your suggestion (kexts, patches). AppleHDA's contributor: vusun123, mirone, toleda, and others. Mirrors for Hackintosh Vietnam Tool: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/210-hackintosh-vietnam-ultimate-aio-tool/
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    Hi guys, So i copied over my config. I've successfuly installed Sierra. Absolutely flawless transfer from el Capitan to 10.12. Only issue i am having is my appstore is not working! Im getting the "device not verified" thing when I sign in. Awhile back I had an OSX86.net member (kyndder) generate some kind of hex key for my config file. But apparently its no longer working. Can someone help me fix this issue? My ethernet kext is installed and OSX recognizes my ethernet chip... My config file attached. Please review! Thanks a million! p.s. Let me know if you need any other files.
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    Martin - Thanks for the reply. But I fixed this issue by changing my Network BSD name to "En0" ...it was on "EN02"... no need to go through all the trouble listed in the iMessage guide you recommended.
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    AR5B125 Atheros Kext

    Hello again xD. I want to the kext this device. Thank you
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