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    Announcement - Name Change

    Why has the name changed back? I like OSX86.net more though. Been a member of this community since 2009, just hate that all my score and rank is gone since they changed to a new server back when the site got a name change to kexts.com EDIT: And yes I am back from the death. Just thought to stop by. The site looks great, only we miss a lot of good and skilled members.
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    Driver/kext ATI Radeon HD4350

    This is what you have to do Go>Computer>System>Library>Extensions> and copy ATI4600Controller.kext Create new folder on desktop and paste the item (ATI4600Controller.kext). Now Right-click on the ATI4600Controller.kext (copied one) and select "Show Package Contents". Check if the info.plist shows the Graphic Card PCI ID of ATI 4350 model (0x954F1002). If not add it. Then save the plist and install the edited kext with Kext Wizard. It should work now
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