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  1. Do you mean I can get the volume name etc. by putting?bdmesg in the terminal?
  2. Clover drives me mad! Trying to fiix my boot entries. At first I had a lot of drives in the menu. So in Clover Configuration I was lucky enough to find the way to hide legacy boots. But still there were entries I did not like! Twice Windows and one fro OSX and a Recovery. Recovery is fixed as the names for the differt systems! But for Windows I'm stuck with two entries! ? ? No I've two entries for Windows 8.1 the first one I was able to rename, but the second one I can not find the volume or path!? ? In Clover configuration I managed to rename the Windows entry 'Boot Microsoft Efi Boot menu form Efi' to Winows 8.1 volume:?7CE9752F-D2DE-469C-A2DC-C1E27C533060 path:?\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi ? How do I get to hide the other entry!!! Boot Microsoft boot menu from <drive>???// ? ? ? ? ? ?
  3. I believe it has nothing to do with the distro, but booting from a guid partition! Any idea's? ? http://nl.hardware.info/productinfo/120318/samsung-rc720-s02nl#tab:specificaties
  4. I tried everything! It will not boot! the screen is black flickering. The usb works in my other PC so the boot usb is oke. What could be the problem?? ? Please advice
  5. I did not know! Sorry! All the info bout the hardware is in de question title en content!?
  6. I have installed with N{censored} OSX 10.9.0 Mavericks with succes! But still got some issues After installing there where several hardware items that did not function ? 1. - ethernet card 2. - sound card 3. - lousy graphics 4. - bluetooth some issues ? ? 1. The Ethernet driver kext was no problem Realtek RTL8111G so internet works - solved ? 2. The soundcard kext seems not to work at all it's a ALC887 codex - anybody a tuttorial?? ? 3. How in Gods name can I install the right graphics files kext for the integrated ATI-7660D?? ? 4. Bluetooth seems to work but it does not regonize my aluminium Apple bluetooth keyboard?? ? I'm stuck at this moment so if you can help me?????
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