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  1. I'm thinking about upgrading to Lion on this machine. So far, everything is working OK on 10.6.8 with Chameleon on USB and with following extensions in Extra/10.6/Extensions: ACPIMonitor.kext FakeSMC.kext IntelCPUMonitor.kext IntelThermal.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext RadeonMonitor.kext SleepEnabler.kext SMCITEController.kext and with VoodooHDA in S/L/E (some occasional noise). What is the easiest way to upgrade considering needed extensions and stuff?
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    I have gigabyte eg41mft-us2h and front plugs, HDMI and SPDIF are working. Back plugs (speakers/earphones at least) are not.
  3. Hi, I built my first hackintosh 4 days ago and so far i managed to solve almost every problem on my setup: Gigabyte ga-eg41mft-us2h motherboard core2quad 8300 8gb ram 1tb hd Sapphire ATI radeon HD 5750 1GB Chameleon 2RC5 (Kabyl experimental ATI) on USB boot stick SL 10.6.7 Only two problems left are no sound and no wake from sleep (somewhat irrelevant but irritating). I tried couple versions of VoodooHDA but no luck. I didn't remove any kexts from S/L/E, just tried putting kexts into /Extra/10.6/Extensions/. Currently in /Extra/10.6/Extensions/ on USB: ACPIMonitor.kext SuperIOFamily.kext Disabler.kext FakeSMC.kext FramebufferDisabler.kext IntelCPUMonitor.kext IntelThermal.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext Currently in /S_L_Extensions/ on USB: AppleHDA.kext HDAEnabler.kext AppleLPC.kext Any advice on kexts add/remove and what to do with sound and sleep? Best regards, Goran EDIT: sound works with VoodooHDA (http://www.kexts.com/view/929-voodooohda.kext.html) sleep works with SleepEnabler 10.6.7 (http://www.kexts.com/view/1052-sleepenabler_10.6.7.html) Still having problems with Device disconnected when waking up from sleep.
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