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  1. Dear, ? I have installed Mac OS X Mavericks on my hackintosh laptop (BTO S97V). My screen worked very good in Snow leopard (10.6.8), but in Mavericks, my PC crashes all the time. ? The specifications (are not quite right at the processor speed etc.): MacBook Pro (4,1) ? These are a couple of things the screen is showing, when it is going crazy: ? When I start my PC, and login to Mavericks, the screen right away is doing and showing strange things. First of all I can work on the PC, but I see well, a kind of 'color snow'. That 'color snow' is showing everywhere on the screen. ? After that snow, the screen starts showing things as above in the picture and then completely freezes. I can move the mouse for a couple of seconds, but after that, I can't do a thing and I am forced to shut the laptop down (hard reset). ? Does anybody have similar problems with this videocard in combination with Mavericks? Or can somebody tell me if I can do anything about it? ? Thanks in advance, ? Kind regards, ? EvilID
  2. Well, I've tried those ones to, but they don't work.
  3. Dear, ? I am trying to install my Echo Audio Gina20 in my hackintosh, but so far I haven't got it to work. This is the card: ? Someone has made a special driver (kext) for it to get it to work in Mac os X 10.6.X. I've installed that driver, but the card isn't recognized?at all. ? This is the driver I am using:?https://sites.google.com/site/echodriverosx/ ? Can someone give me some tips, so I can get my card to work? ? Thanks in advance, ? EvilID
  4. Hi everyone, I'm going to build a new Hackintosh and want to buy this videocard: Club 3D Radeon HD 6670 Club 3D Radeon HD 6670 But I don't know if its going to work with OSX Lion? And if it works, what kexts do I need? Well, if it not works, what videocard do you guys recommend, arround the price of that other one. Greetz, EvilID
  5. ik ga het proberen / i'm gonna try it, hope it works
  6. Hi, I have a custom build PC and want to run Snow Leopard, but I Don't know if my hardware is supported? These are the screens of CPU-Z: Evilid
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