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  1. I was trying to send you a msg but it wouldn't go threw. I need some help with some drivers if you could possible guide me. I have a Netgear USB wireless and a internal broadcom and have had no luck.


    I am trying to get this system up for my studio gear to finish my album. I am totally sick of my Protools rig crashing on pc.

    I have 2 Hackintosh system's. 1 is a El Capitan and the other is 10.5.4 that runs off of a usb stick.


    You look like a rocker. Are you a musician at all or what kind of music do you like? Well hope to hear from you and want to say thank you ahead of time.... Rich



  2. Please help me :D With hackintosh on acer aspire v3-571g

    1. MiluekCz


      You`ve information in your mail :D (My email is miluek@seznam.cz)

  3. After a long time of trail & error with a Chameleon based install, I finally gave up. But as of a few days ago, I stumbled upon Pokenguyens tutorial on OSXLatitude (the one on Tony***X86 is a little bit outdated compared to OSXLatitude) ? I was able to get my Dell up and running better with GPT and Clover UEFI Bootloader. So I must thank you Pokenguyen! To all other people, please follow the guide there, it's much easier.?? Thank yah, Chanelle...?
  4. So I've had a wee bit of progress with the Dell, not much, but enough to now make it usable & I'm able to get back to my Xcode projects.?? This being; My wireless card works, as expected. This being the AR9285, although it likes to drop out now and again which makes me very sads.The onboard HD4400 works flawlessly with no custom .kexts. Just the right boot-loader and the right AAPL,ig-platform-id. (I've heard many people having problems with the HD4400 but I can safely say it works 100%.)The on-board audio does work with VoodooHDA 2.8.4 but I prefer AppleHDA which I will be doing at some point.The touchpad and keypad work as normal with VoodooPS2 - without "Apple-Rubber banding-Inertia" unfortunately only real multitouch touchpads do.Touchscreen kinda works, with drivers from Touch-base.comUSB 3.0 appears to work.Unfortunately a lot of things don't work at the moment, like; Native power management, currently the SMBios from a MacbookAir6,2 have the best CPU States, I can't remember what states though.Ethernet.Sleep.Turboboost, I have created my own SSDT using DCPIManager but it just doesn't want to boost.Brightness and FN keys.Basically this is in BETA and I will be updating as I go along.? Here are the .kexts that I have used & files I have created to make things a wee bit usable. Please note that; Not everything works, there could be crashes but nothing that can break your system, just complicated.?? ? ? Hi! I'm very well thank'cha! ;p As it stands at the moment, I've disabled my GT750M through a DSDT patch, this is because I can not enable it through .kext, DSDT or BIOS so therefore it eats battery for no reason. I'm pretty sure in the future I will or someone else will be able to find away to enable it over integrated graphics or native Nvidia Optimus.?? - "You don't know unless you ask" Hai! You can send me anything yah like, belongs it's not a virus ;P You should try a XCPM (XNU CPU Power Management) free kernel there's one inside the file that I've just uploaded to the downloads section of OSX86.net & I always use Chameleon/Chimera/Enoch I'm not a fan of Clover. - Specifically I used Chameleon 2.2 SVN 2266 Let me know how you get on with it! ? ? You're very welcome! So far I'm loving the build quality of the unit and the power for something as cheap and thin. ;p The patched kernel that I have used and using for my OS-X build is inside the .zip at the downloads section of OSX86.net Just replace it with yours on the /root of your USB and also when you've installed your Mavericks on the /root of your HDD.?? Sadly, the method I used was the myHack method. This was because I was in a rush and the myHack is very much automated and includes an MBR install method which is quite handy. The first thing I did with my Dell was to convert it from GPT to MBR??I love legacy it's so much easier to work with. And indeed, an MBR partition table will allow a maximum of 4 Logical partitions = 4 operating systems, but there's nothing stopping you from booting from an image from within a partition = unlimited OS's!? Personally, I like Visualization, no messing around with the new annoying GRUB2 bring back GRUB ~0.97! -.-
  5. Version 0.70


    These are the .kexts that I have used to make my Dell 15 7537 Mavericks installation partially usable. Please refer to this post to get more information I will be updating this .kext package as I go, so stay updated on this download page for changes. Thankin' yah, Chanelle..
  6. I have not been able to mavericks.... help me

  7. So last week I treat myself to a new laptop, leaving my older Acer Aspire V3-571G behind, of which I have done multiple posts and tutorials on OSX86.net. ? The new laptop which I purchased is a Dell, usually I don't go for Dell but this one, I just needed, it is lovely and feels really premium with it's full forged aluminium body (Apart from the bottom panel -.- (kinda fells like a Macbook Pro?)) and also decent specs for it's price. Specs & hardware that I can list straight off my head are the following; Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Haswell ULV @1.6GHz & Turbo Boost 2.6GHzIntel® HD Graphics HD4400Nvidia GeForce GT750M 2GB GDDR56GB RAM DDR3 @ 1600MHzIntel® Haswell ULT-IMC NorthBridgeIntel® Lynx-Point-LP with ALC283Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 726015.6" Corning Gorilla Glass 10 Point Touch ScreenWhen I first bought the laptop, the first few things I did was get rid of that horrible GPT formatted disk, change the UEFI BIOS to Legacy BIOS and I changed the Wireless card instantly in preparation for installing Mavericks. To my trusty Atheros AR9285.? I also had a left over USB with Mavericks Installer still on it from when I used it to install on my Acer Aspire V3-571G. So I went for it! But nothing. Reboots before any sort of Verbose was shown on my screen. I thought it was to do with the NVIDIA GT750M so I deleted the .kexts from /USB/System/Library/Extensions.. This didn't work.? So then I had a quick think, and I then thought it was to do with the AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement.kext & locked MSR's. And it was! But this isn't a .kext that I am talking about, Apple changed a few things around with the release of Mavericks and most of the Power Management stuff happens right in the mach_kernel itself for Haswell CPU's that is. sads. If you would like the mach_kernel that I have patched please let me know! It works only for 10.9.0! ? Anyway, before I rant on and on here's a wee bit of proof.
  8. Got a new laptop! Got a Dell 15 7537.. My Acer is now gone.. :(

  9. Version v.2.8.3


    This is the latest release of EMlyDinEsH's Elan Touchpad PS/2 kext. It works almost perfectly on my Acer Aspire V3-571G (PNP0F13) just with a few glitches but otherwise, it does the job very well. This kext supports both v3 & v4 versions of Elan-Touchpads with full support for multi-finger input. To install please delete all existing .kexts; ApplePS2Controller, VoodooPS2Controller, (If you have it.) AppleACPIPS2Nub, ApplePS2Keyboard, ApplePS2ElanTouchpad. Please note; If you've installed your OS X using the myHack method, your ApplePS2 .kexts will be inside the myHack.kext, please remove them. After you've done this, please proceed to install with your .kext installer of your choice. I recommend Kext Utility made by cVad & uploaded by either KemalALKIN or Rene. Good luck, and take care!
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