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  1. Hi, i noticed you have the same CPU and MB as me, have you found anything that works for you?

  2. Hi kyndder nice info, I'll try it man. I have to buy a new hd because right now I'm using win7 64bit
  3. Hello.baskin,please.follow.my.thread.here.maybe.will.help.you.out: http://www.kexts.com/amd-processors/9856-sl-wont-install-amd-gigabyte-ga-890fxa-ud7.html Please.let.me.know.if.you.find.a.success.or.a.good.way.how.to.install.mac.snow.leopard.10.6.7.on.AMD. For.you.to.know.My.spacebar.keyboard.dont.work..But,I.can.play.iTunes.on.this.mac.and.can.not.run.any.application.on.it. It.is.really.bad. Well.just.give.it.a.try.man. Sorry.guys.my.spacebar.does.not.work,i.have.to,put.point.on.every.words.
  4. wow amsart thanks for the info. I'll try to install SL again from beginning. And debianlenny , maybe you should follow Mohammed Khairy method. We give it a try man ! Why not
  5. debianlenny , hahahaha....yes man , we both are new here, thanks god we have same mobo , please read my thread from beginning there are some information regarding installing and troubleshooting. Anyway if you want to see which kernel do you have go to : Apple Logo -> about this mac -> more info -> Software -> System Software Overview -> nah there is a Kernel or Legacy Kernel telling you what version. Well, please keep in touch, let me know if you find a good solutions for our mobo, so we can run a Snow Leopard smoothly as everybody did it hehehehe..... we need the masters to help us out with this AMD thing, because I found at many forums AMD is really troublesome than Intel, I just finished installing SnowLeopard on intel Quadcore with ABIT Mobo run smoothly, my thirdparty programs running well. But, I want Snow Leopard on AMD, So I can install Windows 7 on Quadcore
  6. Hi amsart, I change the bios setting as you instructions. Samething man, My third party programs and mac still freezing after a few minutes ran. It won't help it. Oh ya right now, I run legacy kernel 10.7.0 , Should I go back and install LK 10.6.7 ? But I don't know how to uninstall LK 10.7.0 ? or Should I reinstall Snow Leopard from beginning again ? ;-(
  7. Hallo debianlenny, I finished installed the Snow Leopard, my problem is not about booting device or cdrom, man! Snow Leopard run on my AMD but third party program won't run after 3-5 minutes, it's just freeze and also mac, it freezed too ;-( , It won't run on 64bit, 8 Gb Ram. Anyway thank you
  8. Wow ...:cool: I don't know , I have to check my bios. Bravo man! Thank you for the help. I'll let you know ASAP.
  9. Thanks again, I already tried that also with 4 Gb ram still having those problems, but iTunes works perfectly, When using 8 Gb all the programs just hung up include iTunes :-( , I already explained on the previous pages everything that I've done also some pictures so all the members here can get many informations about installing on AMD-Gigabyte GA-890FXA UD7. And I still waiting and need help from the masters here.
  10. hi amsart , thanks for help, man! I did use LK 10.6.6 before updating to 10.6.7. Since, I got my Protools 9 hang up, schokufar suggested me to update the LK (legacy kernel), and I updated it from 10.6.7 to 10.7 ....but Protools still hang up. I don't know man! Maybe, I just have to reinstall SL again or just wait for the Masters come up with some new patching things for AMD to get it works , anyway thanks amsart.
  11. I tried but nothing happened, samething my PC's just hang up after running Protools 9 for 4-8 minutes :-( but when I played iTunes, it didn't hang up, it runs smoothly. Crazy huh....just don't know what to do ?
  12. Sorry dookie23 , I'm ...myself new about hackintosh and still having problem with my amd processors, since you've got intel pentium dual core e5500 @ 2.8ghz , i think you can search or go to {censored} (?), something like that, or make a new thread, I can't help you here. They are so many "Guru" the master like AppliArt and the gank here, you can ask them. AppliArt, Sorry my man, I have not tried the Geekbench yet, I'm going out for a week to do a live concert (local band here ), after that I'll try the Geekbench. What kind of program is it actually? I don't know? I have not browsed or download it yet. So, what do I do with that? Just to check for the crash and make a report to you? Is that what you mean, man? Please described it to me. Thanks
  13. Sorry late response , I'll do it tomorrow AppliArt. TQ
  14. Appliart , Could you tell me what wrong right now? after I run 6 cores my SL hang like the protools 9 freeze.jpg ???? Ohya, I played iTunes for about 1 hour ...and it didn't freeze like Protools 9. Tech Tool Pro 5 also freezing when I run check computer for about 3 minutes. Don't know man? What's wrong ?
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