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  1. Ankleshanker, I think you have voodooHda.kext in your S/L/E folder remove that. restart you will have sound. Make sure you select the proper output from the audio settings.

  2. Knowing nothing about this package, expect for what Shantonu said about it, I was hesitant to install it. Well, I decided to go all in. I downloaded this and installed it and it works great. Specifically, it eliminated the sloooooooooow animation of windows/menus/icons opening and closing. It also fixed my "About the Mac" readout, which used to state my i5 2600k as being 1.2 GHz. I have Bluetooth as well, but from what I can tell, still no audio - though I didn't fully test it as it was almost 2am. I tested the Ethernet by connecting my desktop to my laptop via an ethernet cable, and they saw each other. Now I'm just waiting for my Airport Card and PCI Card to arrive from China!
  3. This package says it's for the Asus P8P67 PRO - would you suggest people using the "normal" non-pro version use this as well?
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