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  1. Premium Support Title New Offer P67A-UD7-B3 w/ two GTX 580's Description Need a DSDT (or other) edit to get the two graphics cards to work under ML and Lion It works reasonably well, as is, under Lion but the system seems to reset itself under ML Disregard standard response for OS version below..this is for Lion and ML. I've already pissed away a few bux on this but if someone can help I'll pay $100 either by check or paypal or cash in the mail. P67A-UD7-B3 with 2600K 16GB Ram two GTX580's w/ 3GB vRam each Can someone please help?!?!?!?!? Mac OS X version 10.5.0 Support via E-Mail or MSN Reward $100 Payment PayPal Cash
  2. OK...first try didn't work out so well.....not for lack of trying and Andrew's part .... he busted his ass to try and solve this problem ... but, sadly, we were unsuccessful. Anyone else willing to try???? Thanks, R.
  3. Premium Support Title DSDT Edit For two GTX 580's Description I don't know how to edit a DSDT. I'm not sure what it is worth but would $25 entice anyone??? P67A-UD7-B3 MB w/ 2600K CPU 16GB Ram This would be for Lion and ML if possible...disregard the compulsory answer of 10.6.2 Mac OS X version 10.6.2 Support via Phone E-Mail or MSN Reward $25.00 or ???? Payment PayPal Cash
  4. don't do efix .... i did it for a while and walked away frustrated. At least with Chameleon I have a better idea of what is happening with the hardware and software. Chameleon is a little more work but the results are worth it. IMHO
  5. I fixed mine by deleting the networkprefs.plist. then everything came back.
  6. Golly Gosh and Gee Whizz....does this mean that we'll never actually get to play Ancient Gate????
  7. Tried it all and still no joy ... I think I'm just going to give it up as a bad job and rebuild. Any suggestions on a motherboard? Thanks R.
  8. I've tried everything but the video reslotting. I'll try that and see what happens. Thanks to all!!!
  9. I thought about a reflash ... but the system starts the reboot prior to any point where I could reflash. I don't even get to the logo screen. It's a second or two and then a resart.
  10. I'm getting constant restarts. It powers on for about 2 seconds and then restarts. I tried a different power supply, but no luck. I pulled the ram and just installed 2 sticks ... again no luck. MB: GA-EX58-UD5 CPU: 950 GPU: 280GTX Anyone ever have a problem like this? Is it a MB failure or a temp problem perhaps? Nothing runs long enough to gather any information from. Thanks Rick
  11. Things are ok here as well. No Probs!!!
  12. I've got it working on two hacks here....no problems so far.
  13. I'm not sure if I should ask this here or not ... but ... anyway. Does anyone have any experience with blue ray players and/or burners. What works?...What doesn't?... TIA PA666 I bought a sony blu ray and it works fine .... ok OS X doesn't support blu ray ... at least as far as I can tell anyway ... but I'm on the search now for appropriate software which might work. The burner still plays DVD just fine and burns cd's as well.
  14. Ive used the LegacyHDA kext. You may wish to give it a try. I've tried to upload it, but the system is stalling out. Send me an email, and I'll send the one I'm using if you want.
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