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  1. Problem solved by adding <key>PCIRootUID</key> <string>0</string> in com.apple.Boot.plist all because that I am using a gigabyte mb. thanks all for helping?
  2. By the way, my onboard ethernet RTL8111C is not recognized and loaded.
  3. Dear all, I got this when I was trying to login Mac App Store "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." I know that add EthernetBuiltIn/Yes to com.apple.Boot.plist and delete/re-add interfaces in Network.prefPane should fix the problem. But not with any luck, I still can't login. Here the situation is, in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist I got only one interface, the WIFI card which is a mini PCI-E unloaded from a MBP, it's driver is the stock unchanged Apple "AirPort_AthrFusion21" in Lion GM vanilla installation. In this plist file, I can see that the OS treat the WIFI card as BuiltIn already. I don't know why this still can't get me logged in. Another tip, I can't sign in to mac app store since my upgrade to 10.6.8, it seems to be so. And before my failed login and after 10.6.8 upgrade, my old wifi card (a DWA 552, not the current one unloaded from MBP) was broken, that means my current Ethernet/Wifi MAC address is different from my last success login with MAS, I suspect that Apple stores users' ethernet MAC address? And also, I have a mac mini, I used my MAS account on that a bit too. Don't know if there is anything on this. Appreciated for any help and hints
  4. yet another positive
  5. hi AsereBLN I think i didn't make myself expressed. I mean for example http://islayer.com/apps/istatnano/ iStatNano which is a dashboard widget which shouldn't contains any kext and it must retrieve CPU temperature values from Apple's (non-3rd-party) interface. And also there is a way that could lookup cpu temperature just from ioreg , can be found here http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20051021115356696 . I believe this is utilizing original interface too. Thanks fro replying
  6. Hi Shadow_X, I had checked your suggestion and I found it uses its own kext to do the work. What I wondered is that if we could use something like modify dsdt to get Apple's factory kext to detect and display CPU temperature. Just a personal curiosity
  7. thanks for your reply, i will give a try
  8. Hi guys My chameleon boot hackintosh now nearly perfect except for the 64bit wifi driver. And for a further shameless wish, i don't know if we could use vanilla kext(s) to get CPU temperature monitor applications working as they did on real macs. If anybody has any experiences on this, glad to follow Thanks in advance. Regards
  9. i can boot from hd with RC3, perfectly. however in rc2 i had issues when boot from HD. what i did is copying boot to / and do the two "sudo" terminal commands in the binary package provided by Chameleon team.
  10. on it already, still no 64bit AirPortAtheros.kext , don't know if this is totally abandoned. As noted, almost all macbook(pro)'s wifi chip are BCM ones, and they have 64bit mac kext. However, Atheros does have 64bit windows drivers for their customers.
  11. yep~~ I think they wont stay for long. Just have a google "EFIX", the http://aserebln.blogspot.com/2009/07/efix-module-autopsy-disassembled.html is in the first page, it's a good signal
  12. kcome

    snow leopard

    VoodooHDA kext from this post : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=175372 works like a charm
  13. kcome

    snow leopard

    a quick report: after using SL gm for a whole morning, I got most things work, LAN, TimeMachine, all software, etc; what's non-working at this moment are : Sound(no device found), WIFI (pci D-Link DWA552 AR5416 chip) and CMOS reset problem. Maybe sleep can not work too. A very strange phenomenon is in the first "-x32" boot, the welcome guide detected my DWA552 pci wifi card, and actually I use this to connect my AP to send some reg data, but in the latter x86_64 boot AirPort utility shows no card found. For purpose of getting the result with least time, I use almost exactly the same method described in the guide (see previous reply). And maybe using Chameleon 1.0 RC2 will be a bad idea, I have several failures which I guessed the reason is RC2. When anything goes working, I will post the result here and other helpful hints are welcomed greatly.
  14. kcome

    snow leopard

    Hi all I have installed 10A432 golden master (the one without beta mark) with the help from this post http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/guide-installing-snow-10a432-on-g31m-es2l-t3672/ . At this moment I only finished the first -x32 boot . It's too late and too tired for me, I am here only to tell you it's quite possible and practical to use Chameleon method with SL now. Details will be posted later, I was doing this slightly different from the guide post. cheers~
  15. kcome

    snow leopard

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your tip. This morning I had a try about installing Snow leopard to my existing Leopard partition which is the primary production env for me. I got a reboot in the middle of installation procedure, after that I got my old Leopard as if it was never touched. I guess the installer was copying temp files to somewhere and installing the temp files to the leopard partition later, the problem is that I couldn't use the optical disk or hard disk which containing the remainder of installation to continue. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for hinting all of us ;-)
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