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  1. Well I don't have exactly your 4850 but two others (both with two dvi which may makes the different) My way for 10.6.2: add you device id to your ati4800controller.kext and delete all other ati4xx0controller.kext files. rebuild extension.mkext after you deleted your kextcache. boot first time with -x or ignoring keytcache. give us a feedback.
  2. Hi AsereBLN, thank you! I did set up my SnowKitty new and now nearby everything is fine - as expected. I am using: LegacyATI4800Controller.kext fakesmc.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext IOHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext - Sleep works - Vanilla Speedstepping works I only have some small problems with my Magic Mouse (if I wake up from sleep I cannot connect to it anymore - I guess it's because of thirdparty bluetooth adapter) - but I aso read that it is a problem of real macs too. Sound gives me a bit of distortion when using Audio out (while scrolling a website), digital out is fine. I do not know if it can be fixed if I delete the "0" of the keyword in the dsdt... Maybe somebody has an idea. Anyway - thanks for your great work! :):)
  3. Hey AsereBLN, nice work! I gave your Booter a try but ended up with KP while start up. If I have <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> I get, can't find mach kernel. If I have <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> I get KP. Can it be relatet to my two video cards? I was using Netkas PCEFI 10.5 which supports multiple Ati 4800s. Thanks! EDIT: It is not about the two videocards. KP happens also with only one videocard. UPDATE: my debug pix as far you need them...
  4. Yes! I was able to help you - I am happy to be able to help you! ... Yeah I allready noticed, that you are tuning your system. By the way, you have to clean the the ram of your gpu with nail cleaner really clean, otherwise the ramcoolers will fall off. you need alot of preasure to fix them...
  5. Hi AsereBLN, I had a nearby similar problem when I wanted to install vista / xp on a hd which had an guid before. I ended up thinking I trashed hd. but when I put the hd on which i wanted to install windows os as first hd in bios it worked. windows was not able to install on hd which was not first hd in the listed hds. after install i put it back on old position. it worked for me. afak win 7 should support guid, correct me if i am wrong...
  6. I think changing the cooler is worth it. I mean I am little off topic with my ati cards but useing the some big coolers will give you a nearly silent-like system. My videocards running with standard cooler had 60-70°C in idle. now the are 60° on load and you do not hear them. check out http://www.arctic-cooling.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_&mID=251 it's worth it ;-)
  7. ... do you have somewhere an extension.mkext flying arround? Might be the problem... Please correct me Mike but in my understanding a extension.mkext includes all used kexts and speeds up boot process. if there is some old kext still in extension.mkext this can cause the kp of teenage1987. if the extension.mkext is build with the new kexts then it might work. of course I do not know if the 4870 is supported. I read a lot of problems with 4870 cards from different vendors and different card layout. You might ceck osx86 forum...
  8. First of all, I guess you mean Ati 4870 dont you?! ;-) Did you fix it? If not then, then try to boot first time in chameleon with "-x" (witout quotes) or verbose (you'll get less resolution but can butt into OS X). Did you add graphicsenabler=yes in apple.boot.plist? Normally AFAK there is no need to change device-id for 4870 but you'll need to do it: Maybe the device ID in the ATI4800Controller.kext provided by OS X is not matching. It has to be changed when you boot first time into OS X. - go to system/library/extenions and edit the info.plist in the ATI4800Controller.kext and add your device-id - delete ati4500controller.kext and ati4600controller.kext -delete the content of S/L/Caches reboot and boot normal please report...
  9. I think your understanding is correct. Ati is cheaper but I guess Nvidia will have more support in the future. Up to now there are no/few applications which really benefit from open CL, etc.. Video playback of H.264 with quicktime X uses GPU but there are no programs which use gpu for converting video like Ati's Avivo Video for Windows. I think most of the comeing programs will first focus on nvidia support because most of the Macs have Nvidia gpus. A great gpu from Ati is e.g. the PowerColor Go! Green HD5750, but there is NO SUPPORT for it in OS X - I guess it'll take another year till it gonna be supported. Check out Nvidias GTX2xx series if you want to have a high performance gpu for windows and OS X.
  10. Thanks a lot mm67!!! You are the MASTER for the day for me! Yes I forgot to add to the second. That was why I got the error. Just tested it, works like charm - waking up with keyboard or mouse. No USB hub necessary. Great job! Thanks the BerlinDude
  11. Thanks, I tested it. Please confirm, is it: Name (_PRW, Package (0x02) { 0x0D, One }) or Name (_PRW, Package (0x02) { 0x0D, 0x03 }) ? please clarify And I get Error 4063, Object does not exist for: Store (One, \_SB.PCI0.USE2.WRTA) Store (0x19, \_SB.PCI0.USE2.PMES) Store (Zero, \_SB.PCI0.USE2.WRTA)
  12. Hi mm67, thanks for your offer to help me. Attached is my dsdt. Regards Berlindude
  13. Hey mm67, I see that you are quite active there. Maybe you give me some hinds for changes. So far I was happy with my dsdt. The only changes would be for me that the USB ports do not power off and speedstep with dsdt. right now I am using voodoo.kext for speedstep and it gives me some 10 degree C less in idle (but still about 6-7° more than in windows), which is better than nothing. Implementing in dsdt does not seem to be easy. I read about 70 pages of the thread and finished without conclusion, that it is quit confusing because there is conclusion which is the best method or an tutorial...
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