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  1. Did BIOS patc.. now it boots... only it hangs when the installation screen must load.... with -v it just stops doing something after the volumes check....
  2. ajschot


    does not work... get only blue screen wit striped blocks....
  3. ow i tried 2246, 2251, 2254, 2255 and 2256 and Chimaera 2.1.1 rv2248... all reboots after the kext are loaded. tried all options and kernel flags.... but can not stop the reboot Well like i said i can't boot at al it just restart every time after the kext are loaded. MSI H87-G41 Mate, i7-4770, 32GB 1600mHz Ram GTX650 I used the GTX card already in my old system (X58 i7-920, 16Gb ram) with that system i could easily get it working but here... now way I think it must be a BIOS setting but i can not find the thing i missed out there EDIT: Clover did not work too... same ting happend reboot after loading kext etc. Could it be kernel issue? How ever some people with i7-4770 already have it working with the mach_kernel from 10.8.5
  4. hey i have a new system but i can't get it boot.... which chameleon do you use ad which smbios? I can't start boot at all Maverick 10.9 DP5 nor OSX 10.8.4 it reboots every time
  5. can get is intalled on my usb stick
  6. doesn't work for 10.8 nor 10.9 on my system ASrock Extreme X58, i7 920, 16Gb DDR3, GTX650
  7. doesn't work on my machine. Machine hangs during boot. ASRock Extreme i7 920 16gb Ram
  8. Also if i get around the PCI configuration ... hang it hangs after "Pthread support ABORTS when sync kernel primitives misused" Really no idea... nothing works (like PCIRootUID=1 or 0 i tried npci=0x2000 and 0x3000, also tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No (normally i needed No for this card with rv2051) can't get it working on 10.8.4 or 10.9
  9. does not boot 10.9 and 10.8.4 system hangs with after message: RTC: Only singe RAM bank (128 bytes) [ PCI configuration begin ] And that's it it wil boot with -x -f -v but then it is in safe moe that is not fun Went back to rv2051 which was working only not with 10.9 System: Asrock Extreme3, i7-920, 16Gb Ram, Geforce 650 GT 2Gb
  10. I don't use it and it works perfectly so why you want to hae that? Do you have an old computer or something?
  11. get error with 64 bit problems
  12. ajschot

    XPC 0.70.rar

    couldn't get it boot right with iB{censored}! Done every thing only iB{censored} doesn't work well.... or it is not booting (when i overwrite the 1.3 files) or it is not booting my installation. If i try to load my snow leopard it just reboots. When i put the dsdt file in a map and the kext in the map it doesn't look to read those kext and dsdt
  13. Doesn't work! Can't boot at all! Or reboots or kernel panics....
  14. Perfect! finally get rid off the EFI string for my GTS 250 1Gb... works perfectly with graphics enabler
  15. Nicky,

    Excuses voor het late mailen misschien heb je niets meer aan de informatie maar toch...

    Ja het is me weer gelukt ik had het voorheen ook al draaien ik heb dit ook geschreven in het topic over dit motherboard. Je moet wel Pirate EFI gebruiken als boot cd en daarna eventjes wat kext installeren.. zie het onderwerp.



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