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  1. On another thought, I might just wait a little. Rumor has it that X68 is coming out in Q2 this year. It will be a refreshed X58 with native support for USB 3.0 and Sata III + ICH11. If the rumor is true, it won't be long until Apple includes the refreshed chipset in its future Mac Pro's. http://ascii.jp/elem/000/000/490/490662/roadmap_c_1310x730.jpg I guess it won't hurt to wait for a few months and see.
  2. What about the X86 compatibility list? Won't it be similar to it (at least partially since the wiki lists which ones are working with Chameleon)?
  3. Wow, thanks for the information and files. I have been considering if I should get one but feared it would be incompatible. The decision is easier now
  4. They seem to be using some server motherboards complete with ECC memory but they are not specifying which one. I guess similar to that used in the High-End Mac Pro's Maybe based on the Intel 5500 "Tylersburg" chipset like this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131378 or this one: http://www.fudzilla.com/content/view/17069/1/ or many others. OC'ing such boards seems to be a bit difficult so you would be better off with an i7 OC'ed to the extreme. This is unless you got a ton of cash you want to burn on high-end Xeon Nehalem CPU's and really into CPU-centric video editing.
  5. Psystar has got a WD of its own, alright. :eek: Psystar founders claim they cracked OS X, hackintosh scene is 'all wrong' by Nilay Patel posted Nov 11th 2009 at 5:03PM Okay, so we're reading this puff piece in the Miami New Times about would-be Mac cloner Psystar, and while we're somewhat willing to dismiss author Tim Elfrink's various mischaracterizations of the law and what Psystar is actually doing as just laziness and / or ignorance, there's a quote here from Psystar founder Rudy Pedraza that simply leaps off the page: Rudy scoffs at the idea he borrowed from the Hackintosh scene. "The first thing you have to do is unlearn everything you've read online about how to make this work," Rudy says, "because it's all wrong." Really? Because we think there's a very large, very active hacking community out there that would disagree with you, Rudy. P.S.- A full list of every other mistake in this piece after the break: "Robert cracked the code behind Apple Computer's elegant operating system, OS X." Yeah. "Psystar legally buys the software..." That's not in question, really. The issue is what happens after Psystar buys OS X, when it modifies and redistributes it. You know, the specific thing Apple's suing about. "[Apple] filed a 35-page lawsuit in California claiming Psystar was selling "unauthorized" versions of OS X." Why is unauthorized in quotes? That's exactly what Apple claims. "As with Microsoft, which lost a multimillion-dollar antitrust decision in Europe in 2004, Apple is protecting an illegal monopoly, Psystar claims." Psystar has already lost this part of its case in California, and in the new Florida case Psystar only claims Apple has a monopoly on "premium personal computers," which pretty much invalidates the pricing argument and has driven the company to sell more expensive machines. "Robert says he found his own way around Apple's built-in security devices. The breakthrough meant that, among other things, the cheap machines were virtually immune to viruses and hackers." This is simply not true. OS X is vulnerable to hackers in its shipping form, and hacking EFI doesn't change that. "Psystar pays full price - $29 - for each copy of OS that it installs on its computers." $29 is the Snow Leopard upgrade price. The full price is $169 with iLife and iWork. "What's more, Apple holds that consumers who purchase an operating system don't actually own the software...It's a dubious-sounding arrangement that courts, at least so far, have upheld." It's not dubious to the courts, who've been upholding EULAs for over a decade across the country. (And striking some down, to be fair.) "Pretty much anyone with basic computer knowledge can make a cloned Mac for just the cost of a full tank of gas in an SUV." Actually, anyone can do this for free, without having to pay Psystar. Now, don't get us wrong -- the personal story of Robert and Rudy Pedraza laid out in the article is moving stuff, but when the chips are down, we're picking the hacker and enthusiast community over a couple guys trying to make a buck selling unlicensed software, and that Hackintosh quote struck us as impossibly arrogant and extremely foolish. The OSx86 community is already wary of Psystar, and we're guessing no one's going to rush forward the next time these jokers need some help.
  6. You're welcome, PoisonApple666. Yeah, I guess the board is still a bit away but I thought you should know all of your options. Gigabyte is planning to replace the whole EX58 series with EX58A soonish. The main difference is the inclusion of their new 333 technology (SATA 3, USB 3 & Triple power USB) and 24-phase power for better overclocking.
  7. This is a non-issue. Everyone has the freedom to try and run OS X on the hardware they choose to as long as it's achievable. They should understand the benefits and the risks, though
  8. Dramatic much? Why don't you take your propaganda somewhere else? After all, no one is forcing you to use (or even believe or sympathize with) the site. This is a free world, everyone is entitled to their own opinions To shed some light, these forums were first designed as a second retreat for Efix users from the heavily-moderated official forums. Things developed a bit afterward and users of the forums saw it as their duty to report the misconduct of ASEM & Co to everyone willing to listen. We are not ruling the world with an iron fist and forcing our methods down everyone's throats. Many here, myself included, are victims of false advertising by ASEM (at least we believe so!). We were, one day, Efix customers. We needed a place to sound off our criticism since the official forums have near-zero-tolerance for that. I don't believe anyone is belittling the users of any other solutions here. Everyone is welcome here whether they choose to use Efix, Rebel EFI, Chameleon or any other solutions. It's the unethical conduct of the companies providing said products and profiting from them on the expense on the user that raises the red flags here. You are quite free to believe who you will, stay and ask questions or leave. However, rest assured your voice won't be censored. A post similar to this on Efix official forums won't survive for long. Try it yourself
  9. And speaking of motherboards, Gigabyte is about to introduce the revised X58A boards like this one (from the Gigabyte UK forums): The picture of the motherboard itself is huge. You can see it here It carries the same "333" theme as the new P55A boards. The triple three theme means that SATA3, USB3 and triple power USB has been added to the new version. It also have more overclocking potential. However, since these feature a revised chipset, no one knows when they'll get supported and it's very likely they'll offer the expensive Extreme edition (pictured above) first.
  10. If you are in the market for a case (and wouldn't mind paying a cool $300) then Crosair has a cool case: Its front might look a bit bland but it has some awesome features. Read more: Corsair Obsidian 800D review
  11. 950 is almost double the price of 920. My advice is to buy a 920 (get a D0 i.e. labeled SLBEJ) which overclocks easily to 3GHz and beyond on air (and more on H2O). If it breaks (which it shouldn't if you know what you're doing) you can always buy a second one (or the replacement i.e. 930 to be released in Q1 2010). If you want some real performances, buy a Xeon as they have lower TDP (95W vs 130W).
  12. Ars Technica has a review: You win some, you lose some: a review of Apple's Magic Mouse
  13. Apple killing Atom support, dreams of netbook hackintoshers in next Snow Leopard release? by Tim Stevens posted Nov 2nd 2009 at 6:59AM Nobody said running a netbook hackintosh would be easy -- but nobody said they'd make it this hard. Apple is currently engaged in a war of compatibility with Palm and, if the developer build of Snow Leopard version 10.6.2 is any indication, the Atom processor is next on the smack down list. Word on coder street is that the upcoming revision of OS X will kill support for Intel's little powerhouse. That could certainly change before it hits the world at large, but we wouldn't bet on it. So, if you're viewing this on an netbook install of your own devising, you may be stuck at version 10.6.1 (or earlier) for awhile -- or you may need to do a little custom kernel building. Either way, we're thinking that if Apple ever gets around to making a netbook it probably won't be an Atom-powered one.
  14. As I have understood, the software is nothing more than a 'pooling' application. It detects the hardware you have and then connect with the company's database to download the necessary kexts and the like. You can think of it as an automated boot-loader builder. This idea was actually suggested a couple of months ago on these very forums. However, due to the lack of technical know-hows/time/resources and the like, it remained an idea. And don't expect the HCL to be that different. IIRC, Someone said somewhere that Psystar were writing their own drivers for this, though. Hence, they're disabling Apple's updates and doing their own, instead. Not sure of this, however.
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