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  1. Sorry about that I would've removed it earlier than that i had seen the post...sorry again
  2. In psychotherapy that thing is called personality disorder...add the bad English and you have your man...
  3. Oh and your system looks like a very easy thing to setup...
  4. I've long gone to chameleon 2 RC5 and I actually have a much better system now than I had with EFI-X and that includes proper power management and even better scores on Geekbench 64 (9500). The folks on ASEM are counting on people's ignorance to sell their products, not value or service. Think about that... If you need help you can always post...
  5. This is straight from the forum, he accuses almost everybody, especially Asere BLN And then goes on on accusation rampage. I think this man's ultimate goal is to go on a patent lawsuit hunt (as others have said)
  6. Guys, guys, guys, gals?....Will you relax? ASEM is innocent, Willem is a genius, he's just so ahead of his time that people just don't get him. One day he shall be acknowledged before the whole computer industry. You're so shallow...I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!
  7. Recently someone posted in russian in the forum and logiclight responded in Russian. His lack of English knowledge and the mistakes he mades already pointed to the fact that he might've been Willem. Now I'm 95% sure. It's probably the best way to avoid criticism, while being the sort of invisible man who is allowed on trade shows and the factory...What is this guy's profession? ASEM's friend? I'm still however on the fence a bit on if they actually are copying chameleon, boot 123, or whatever stuff...It is suspicious though that they accuse of the chameleon project of piracy and code theft...
  8. petroff

    Mac OS X 10.5.8 Update

    yeah, like 80% of the hackintosh users...
  9. The fashion video states actor/model... He might be good in acting... "Our device contains special radioactive particles which pass through a special mini particle accelerator and close to the speed of light, this facilitates mini black holes which in turn activate special custom EFI functions which make your computer appear like 5000 clustered supercomputers, so that you can run weather simulations and run OSX, but not Windows XP, there's no support for black holes in xp" As for the forum, only one admin seems to have taken a lighter stance, but he's pretty much trying to put out the fires from WD's attitude...
  10. Oops, they must just've done it, what kind of sociopath forum administration is that?
  11. Lately and in the face of mounting problems mainly from v1 owners (no show in bios or no boot) and from the problems all of us have with 10.5.8 the forum seems to have relaxed its stranglehold and allow complaints. Some of the moderators seem to actually make sense in their replies. They seem powerless though because all they can do is forward to willem which seems to have vanished after the: "you can update to 10.5.8" fiasco...
  12. I actually found that stuff all by myself and had no one to share them with. The modelling pictures and the "fan" website with that gaze into infinity is absolutely hilarious. The fan site however has no functionality besides the irritating blinking eye! Maybe we should call up kenny g and michael bolton to help him with the cheesy style... and where the hell that interview giving David Rutgliano is?
  13. Hi there, my first post here. I'm an EFI-X v1.1 owner with a working gigabyte ex58-ud4p except sleep, lan and audio in. Small intro: So far the forum and support experience for that company has been ridiculous, the forum is ran as a dictatorship and the company owner looks like a demented loon who's english are that of a tourist. No straight answers are given. The same guy also seems to be the webmaster, that promises to fix the search function which has all search capability disabled! By the way who the hell, is that David Rutgliano CEO? Who runs that company? If they are a scam ,why do they exhibit their products on trade shows? Aren't they frightened that one may actually open them, like you guys have? I think the verdict is still on... Main question : My system works, but I just don't trust these guys. so I was wondering to maybe use flic's method as a backup. Are there any DSDT's for my mobo? Is there any way I can assist in making them, to have them for others wanting them as well? Thanks...
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