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  1. +1 I agree completely. F*ck those has-beens.
  2. Hi Tony. Long time since I've talked to you. Hope everything is going well! I just tried your instructions for the audio fix. It works, but I no longer have auto-switching to headphones. Did you lose this ability also? What do you have in E/E for audio? I am using only LegacyHDA. If I remove this, no audio at all. If I plug in some headphones to my front port, the volume and audio controls lock up until I unplug the headphones, and of course the headphones dont register. Thanks, ~Aargh
  3. My original plan was to just run a cat6 cable underneath the house, but two issues came up. One, was that there turned out to be a crazy plywood/chickenwire/insulation situation underneath my wife's office... and Two, my 50ft cable is about 12 feet too short. Suddenly $110 for an Airport Express didn't seem so bad. Just to be clear, I have an Airport Extreme Base Station broadcasting WiFi on one side of the house, and on the other side of the house I have an Airport Express receiving that WiFi signal and passing it via ethernet cable to the UD3P. (after reading my first post, I wasn't sure that I made it clear enough)
  4. Hey guys, I just moved my old rig, the UD3P, into my Wife's office on the other side of the house. She had been working on our MacBook Pro, which of course has an Airport wifi card. She was initially using the MBP's wifi connection, via an ethernet cable between the two computers. I started looking into adding a wifi card of some sort to the UD3P, when I got the idea that I might be able to just get an Airport Express, and connect it to the computer (via Ethernet cable) to be able to connect to our home network being broadcast from an Airport Extreme Base Station. I was thinking, "Do these things even work that way?" I read up on them on the Apple website, but didn't see anything mentioning this type of configuration. I called an Apple store, and the 'genius' I spoke with assured me that this would work. So, I just went out and picked one up, at Best Buy. (for easy returnability if it didn't work) Reading through the documentation that came with it, it did not mention the possibility of using it this way. It only showed how to use it to connect the AE to one's modem, and connect using a computer with a wifi card, and how to connect it to speakers to be able to listen to iTunes over wifi. I went ahead and hooked it up, at this point not expecting to be able to get it to work. After fiddling around in Airport Utility for a bit, I did finally get it to work. Anyway, I was curious as to why I hadn't heard others using this as a solution for wireless on their Hackintoshes. I know it is one of the more expensive solutions, but, after contemplating spending $50+ on a solution that may or may not work after each Apple update, I decided that the few extra $ was money well spent to avoid any future compatibility headaches, Just sharing my thoughts on this in case anyone wasn't aware that this is a possibility.
  5. Yep, those are references to the ACPI specs, v4.0. I found it very interesting to read, especially when I was supposed to be reading from my Nursing textbooks. I didn't understand most of it, but still...
  6. Doh! I didn't even scroll that far over to notice the missing commas. Good catch. Your new temps are consistent with what I get on my UD3P/Q6600. I thought you were cooking tamales in your case, so I didn't bring up the fact that your last reported temps were pretty dang high... My new i7 rig idles at about 30, but benches much higher than my Q6600, however... its also much louder. I'm going to get a silent fan with lower rpms, hopefully not adding too many degrees in the process. Anyway, glad to help you get up to speed with things. Now, which bootloader are you using? I am using Chameleon RC5 pre-release 8, and it boots really fast. All its missing is Asere's memory-detect feature, but I'm hoping that will be added soon.
  7. I'm guessing that that compile error is from copying and pasting from the forum post. You could try retyping all of the special characters (, } ' " etc), or if that doesn't work, the whole thing. You might be able to c&p back and forth through text edit or something, but I'm not sure. What editor are you using? I'm using BBedit 100% now, as that DSDTSE program is buggy as hell.
  8. My dsdt is based on mm67's, so many thanks go to him. He maybe able to help with c-states, as his CPU is closer to yours. You may need to add back in a few things based on your setup... let me know if something specific is not working (ie PATA etc) To makes Asere's DSDTs like this one, you would just start cutting extraneous stuff until you wound up with what you've got.
  9. @Elmangomez Here ya go. [ATTACH]738[/ATTACH] I'm not sure about the c-states... I think you might have more than one c-state on that processor, but I'm not able to figure that out right now. However, I plugged your p-state info into PSS. I started comparing your raw dsdt to this one, but I just can't devote the attention to it tis second. I maybe got half way through, and it looks the same as mine, so I kinda gave up. I think you should be good. You can see that my dsl is much easier to read if you want to look through it. Give it a go, and let me know...
  10. Hey Mango Man, good to hear from you! I'd be happy to take a look at it. Could you also post your original DSDT dump? Which rev is your board? And which BIOS are you using?
  11. This forum focuses on Intel based setups. For AMD, you will need a modified kernel. I suggest InsanelyMac.
  12. You need the two kexts for Ethernet. IONetworkingFamily & RealtekR1000SL. You shouldn't have to install any drivers on your OS partition. Your UUID is not being detected "wrong" just differently. The new bootloaders use info from the mobo. Look around, you will find info on it. There is no need for that kext.
  13. The clone should work. I myself like to have a clean install whenever possible. I keep a backup of a clean install with all my usual apps on it, and whenever I need it for a new machine, it's ready to clone using CCC.
  14. First off, welcome! Second, please post your full specs in your sig. IMHO, people make too big a deal about the Extensions.mkext. It really is not necessary. It might shave a second off boot at best. Just put all your kexts in Extensions. If once you have been running stable for a while and you are happy with your configuration, then worry about the mkext. If you are using an updated boot file (Asere or Chameleon RC5 pre-release), you should really only need FakeSMC, LegacyHDA, RealtekR1000SL & IONetworkingFamily, and maybe something for the Orange icons. Just get the latest versions of these and stick them in E/E.
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