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  1. Would the GTX550 work? These are about $120. The 570 are twice that. Are there any special settings or strings in the boot plist? Or would good old "graphics enabler = yes" do it? Thank you guys. H.
  2. Hi, Can someone please recommend me a currently available Nvidia video card that can boot dual dvi monitors using the stock Chameleon v2.1 bootloader and "graphics enable = yes" so I can have dual monitors in BOTH 10.6.8 and 10.7.3 If there are any additional kexts or parameters required to get this to work, that would be appreciated. I want a card that will not break the bank.... hopefully somewhere in the $70 range. Many thanks in advance. Elman
  3. Hi Konsti, I am not a super expert, I simply have managed to find solutions by reading everywhere. I have tried to help other newbies (ex-Efixers) so they do not have to go through the same research I went through. That being said, I have to confess that the things you mention are a little above my understanding. So, could I impose on you to explain these things in layman's terms... Is the loading of the video ROM feature you request purely to get the right resolution on your bootloader theme or does it have any other advantages? I have a 30"monitor (2560x1920) and the bootloader looks really crunchy... What is ACPI override... something dealing with with speedsteping? Please do not misunderstand me, I want the latest and best that can be had, but as a layman, what are the advantages? The thing to remember about this board is its initial mission statement. It was meant for that segment of population who wanted a no-pain hackintosh system. Initially the Efix device offered this but we all know the disaster that was... so we delved further into the hackintosh to get that solution. Asere and Mike are the best at all the support they have provided... So please have a little patience when a semi-newbie like me asks basic questions. Thanks. PS, my work system is now a 3.2 GHz i7 with a Gigabyte EX58-UD5, an nVidia 285 GTX, which is running fine. I do not have any speedstepping done and CPU runs at around 50 degrees celcius.
  4. I have gone dormant for a while simply because my system just works, and it seems like the same questions kept getting asked over and over... Is there any new development that would be worthwhile implementing into Asere's Chameleon?
  5. Hello Mr. Fraser, A very unique opportunity has opened up. With the economic crisis, NYC is about to go bankrupt. However Mayor Bloomberg has made available to a select number of investor agents, the possibility to buy into city property. I have been fortunate enough to be assigned the representation of shares for the Brooklyn Bridge!! For only $1,000 a share, you can own a piece of the historic landmark. You will also be able to vote with other shareholders on the installation of a toll system for the bridge. This is expected to generate $10 million a day! Which will translate to approximately $20 a day per share.... In just 50 days, you will gain your original investment. In 5 years you will be able to retire. If you double or triple yor investment, you will be able to retire sooner. Unfortunately, as a share agent, I cannot invest my own money, otherwise I would purchase a large bulk. I can make available to you a maximum of 10 shares.... If you are interested, I will meet you in a public park and exchange the share certificates (they are handwritten at the moment) for your soon to grow cash. Sorry but I only accept cash.... How many shares do you want to get....? You cannot tell others about this, as the mayor may cancel the offer if too much attention is drawn to the city's financial troubles. Especially do not mention this to the police, as they would surely block the legislation, in the hopes that their union would capture control.
  6. My advice would be to request Asere himself to create a DSDT for you (And make sure you donate to him), or to "find" someone here who has that board working, and ask them to share the file with you.... Sorry I cannot be of more help....
  7. Hallelujah Chameleon, Hallelujah!! My entire Efix disappointment is comparable to when I was a little boy and as a boy scout we would go camping, then late at night Mr. Wilhem, our scoutmaster would sneak into my tent and with his.... You get the picture.... btw I was never a boy scout and I do not intend any offense to the organization.
  8. To fix video, first read my tutorial here: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=478 if that does not work, or you need more help, try this: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=709 I believe Asere's latest bootloader has the ability to add the NVCAP directly into your boot.plist. Also, make sure you play around with the PCI, PEG and PEG2 entries on your bios. Try different options.
  9. My guide on how to get sound working is predicated on you using Asere's DSDT file for your motherboard.... If you are not using this, it's like shooting in the dark....
  10. I think you should forget about all those bootloaders and use Asere's bootloader from here.... Then on your boot.plist make sure you have GraphicsEnabled and do NOT include a string for the video card. I have the same card and it work very nicely.
  11. USB Sticks are NOT interchangeable with different model motherboards... because for each motherboard, you need custom dsdt.aml file in /Extra, which you can download from Asere's post... Also for sound, you will need to get the right kext for that chipset as well.
  12. Best is to ask advice at Efix forum.... most here do not use Efix anymore... The real EFIx guru's are there. Unfortunately I also do not have a definite answer to your question, BUT if the CPU works in a motherboard that is on the HCL, iI would imagine it would work.
  13. I always got this error message as well... I would ignore it....
  14. Good to hear you are up and running.... Please do follow Skipper's advice about the separate boot sticks.... way safer this way. As far as XP, Chameleon cannot really boot to XP, because XP needs to be drive hd0... and with Chameleon this cannot be... you can read my post here if you MUST, but be prepared for a lot of work. The other easy method is hitting the F12, prior to boot of Chameleon (Energy Start screen). This will allow you to select booting to your XP drive. http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=642 I would advice using Win 7... It is quite good and I am used to it now... I went from XP to Win7... without horrible pain.. Gppd luck.
  15. I have a nasty habit of posting replies, and then editing them a lot.... -re-read my post to see what I really meant to say.... As far as UUID, Asere's latest supposedly reads it from the bios of your mobo if it supports it. I think the old method of platformuuid (or similar) is outdated... But as I said, I am NOT an expert on UUID.... Someone please feel free to post about this... How can we determine if our mobo have this piece of data that the bootloader reads? A little quick tutorial would be quite nice.... I would write it if I knew my stuff.
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