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    Tutorial: Resolving Video Card Issues

    I keep seeing more and more problems related to certain ports on the video cards not working right. Sometimes the computer is on but the screen is black, sometimes it's related to plugging in of monitors/TV's to the HDMI port on the video cards. Please note that I only use nVidia cards, and I can only vouch for this working on them. I have no experience with ATI. I ran into an issue like this, and it think it would be helpful to some beginners to explain how to address some of these problems. As I explained in my "Tips for Newbies", you can tackle the video card either with GraphicsEnabler set to yes... or we need to add a string specific to your video card into the boot.plist file. Pre-made versions of these string can be obtained from within EFIStudio (attached below). But sometimes, this string is not exactly all purpose. Obtaining your video card's ROM file: Obviously, you need to be on the same Hackintosh machine, with the video card plugged where it is going to be used. These steps need to be done inside Windows. 1) Download and run GPU-Z (below). Click on the button as shown on image below to save as a .bin file. 2) Download and run NiBiTor below. With it open the .bin file and do a "Save As to save the file as a .ROM file. Put this ROM file somewhere where you can open it from a Mac. As tempting as it may be, I would recommend not changing anything with NiBiTorÉ this will modify your video card's bios. Boot into the Mac with Chameleon. First we need to determine the proper location of your video card. It may be possible that it is not installed on the typical slot in your motherboard. But just to be safe, lets make sureÉ download GFXUtil below, and extract it to your desktop; Open Terminal and type: cd desktopthen type ./gfxutil -f displayIt will return something like this: PciRoot(0x1)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0) Make note of this string, as we will need it later. Google and download EFIStudio (too big to paste here). Extract and run it. From the second drop-down list, select the video card that matches your model. Then click on the "Add Device" button. A Windows will pop up with what is a "readable" XML window pane above, and a pane with a bunch letters and numbers. We need to look at the top part. Look towards the top where you see a line that reads something like: <key>PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0,0x0)</key> If this string does NOT match the string you got in Terminal above, go ahead and change so it does match. Keep the EFISTudio window open. Download and run NVCap Maker below. With this, open the .ROM file you saved in Windows. NVCap Maker will give you a string of text. Copy this string of text to the clipboard. Go back to Terminal and type this, pasting from clipboard where noted: echo <NVCAP from nvcapmaker> | xxd -r -p | openssl enc -base64Copy the resulting string to the clipboard, it should look something like BAAAWAAA.... Switch back to the EFIStudio window with the XML code, scroll down and look for an entry: <key>NVCAP</key> <data>BAAAAAAAAwAMAAAAAAAABwAAAAA=</data>Paste the string in you clipboard replacing the existing string. Last step, copy the long list of characters on the bottom pane, and paste this into your boot.plist under <key>device-properties</key> <string>PasteHere</string> Reboot, and you should have hardware acceleration and the proper ports on your video card working. You should also make sure you are using Asere's DSDT file, and that ABLN=0x4F. Things to Try... If you are using Asere's latest Bootloader, there may be a way to avoid most of the above, and to simply include the ROM file in Extra. I am going to try that next and will append guide as appropriate. Thanks go to many, but especially to Asere who always lights the way.
  2. elmangomez

    Useful nVidia EFI Strings Repository

    Hi Gang, I thought it would be useful to start this thread to place some of our non standard strings for video cards. I had some issues with using GraphicsEnabler where the performance of the card was lousy in Snow Leopard. My goal with this thread is to ONLY put working strings here. Also, I have seen many threads that should be ONLY informative be filled with questions. Please refrain from asking support questions here. It only makes it harder to find the right bits of information when one has to scroll through pages and pages of questions and comments. In the next few minutes, I will be supplying a couple of video card strings I have found useful. Since we all know about EFISTudio, there is no need to list strings here that are listed there. I have found that EFIStudio is missing a few video cards. While a string for a SIMILAR card may work, I have found little bugs that are best resolved with the right card string. OSX86Tools has a few more video card styles, which are also useful. I ask you NOT to place your string here if it is listed in this software as well. I am also providing a lot of information that will be useful for others trying to get their cards working. If you want to post your special string; I ask you to cut and paste my format, and add as much of the same information I am using in my posts below. Again, this is to make everyone's life useful. There are the new 200 series nVidia cards that I am dying to know how they work. If you have any of these, please do post your settings. Now the big question.... What about ATI cards...? I have zero experience with them. Since we are all Efix graduates, most of us use nVidia as this was the majority in their HCL. This is not to say that ATI guys are excluded. I only ask that someone else start a thread for ATI, ideally following my pattern here. Mike please PM me if you feel I am making myself too much at home here..... I am hoping this helps, and if I am stepping on Mike's toes by making up rules for this thread; I apologize... but I do hate threads that go on forever before you hit a useful bit of info. Please do try to ask for support for additional cards outside of this thread.
  3. elmangomez

    Dual Monitor Nvidia card? I Need Advice

    Hi, Can someone please recommend me a currently available Nvidia video card that can boot dual dvi monitors using the stock Chameleon v2.1 bootloader and "graphics enable = yes" so I can have dual monitors in BOTH 10.6.8 and 10.7.3 If there are any additional kexts or parameters required to get this to work, that would be appreciated. I want a card that will not break the bank.... hopefully somewhere in the $70 range. Many thanks in advance. Elman
  4. elmangomez

    Dual Monitor Nvidia card? I Need Advice

    Would the GTX550 work? These are about $120. The 570 are twice that. Are there any special settings or strings in the boot plist? Or would good old "graphics enabler = yes" do it? Thank you guys. H.
  5. Tips for Newbies and Those Almost There... With this post, I hope to answer what seem to be very common threads new people are asking. Please do read this carefully before asking questions. I am breaking this into various sections addressing people who are COMPLETELY new to this, all the way to those who have their systems ALMOST there. I am writing this because I find myself answering the same questions over and over. This should be your first stop before you start asking…. Chances are I cover it here. Section 1 I am a complete newbie! Let me preface this by saying, I was there, I felt your pain, I was just as confused and overwhelmed as you are. What I say to everyone…. Do not despair; you will get your system up and running. Bite the bullet because you WILL need to learn this. It is not as bad as it seems, and we are all here to help. Very important… read everything very very carefully. Do not skip steps. Do not assume anything. Edit: Also if you run into issues after you have OSX almost-running, address solving each issue one at a time and attempt and test one solution at at time. This will avoid having a possible solutions that breaks more things that it fixes, and you can narrow fixes/solutions in a logical order. The obvious truth is that there is a lot of confusing information out there. The information is constantly changing, and it is very hard to keep track of it all. My hope with this is to guide on your way. There is not (yet) a commercially available (or free) solution that will address all of your needs. There are guides galore, but lets focus on getting you up and running. Please do not whine and demand someone make it easy for you. It simply cannot be done. You can pay a consulting fee to someone, but the reality is that you will need to go through this learning curve or you will be dependant on this consultant to hold your hand always. If you are stubborn and insist on ease, please do yourself a favor and buy a real Mac. After all I said, if you willing to continue, at this point there are two roads you could take. One is the “as-easy-as-it-gets?? Lifehacker guide. The second is to learn Chameleon. Road One: Lifehacker Guide (Google “Lifehacker Hackintosh Snow??) This is as easy as it gets. However, you hardware must match their hardware; specifically the Motherboard and video card. If your hardware does match (mine actually does) give it a try. It cannot hurt…. My reality was not as easy, it simply did not work for me. It does not mean you will have the same experience I did. Give it a go.. and you will know if you must go to the next alternative. But don’t stop reading this now… we need to address “Where to Install Chameleon?? below. Road Two: Learn Chameleon This will make you a power user. The learning curve is slightly steep, but I guarantee that within a weekend, you could be up and running. Before I start telling you how to go about this, it is important that you understand the following: This guide will only address creating a Hackintosh based on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) of the Efix devices, or the one listed by Mike on this forum. No ifs ands or buts…The hardware focuses mainly on Gigabyte brand motherboards, nVidia Graphics cards, with a couple ATI cards thrown in. I do not have ATI experience, thus I cannot advice on these. Sooo if you have a Dell, or a laptop, or an Asus motherboard, etc. my guide here will not be much help. It is not that we do not want to help; it is that we may not have the experience you need. This forum is based on ex Efix users who share basically the same hardware. Because of this, it is easy to pool our resources and find solutions that are helpful to each others. This is a huge advantage. Where to Install Chameleon There are 3 choices for this…. I am partial to one of them. I will give you my reasons for it, feel free to disagree. For the most part I think you could go with any choice… but your mileage may vary. OK, where to install…. Three choices that I am aware of. Your Mac Hard Drive, the EFI Partition of your Mac Drive, or on a removable USB flash thumb drive (aka “stick??). EFI partition of you HD is something Mac OS creates but does not use. Chameleon can be installed here….. My choice and advice is to go with a stick. Do not try to convince me otherwise, I am comfortable and happy with this. Why do I like it? Sticks are cheap; I have about six of them. If I want to experiment and try something new, I try it on a new stick, and I can always go back to an earlier working version if things don’t work out. Plus it keeps the Mac system completely vanilla… If you need to upgrade Chameleon, again, try it on a new stick… if you run into trouble, go back to the old stick. How to learn Chameleon? I think to start your education; the very best way is to follow AsereBLN’s blog. He goes into careful detail how to do all of this. This should get you 95% of the way…. The last 5%, I will address here, or you can ask if this post does not provide the answers. If you want to install Snow Leopard, start with his post titled: 1.) [10.6] Let's start with Hardware Requirements Dated Sept. 22 And work your way up the list. Before you leave this page, do keep in mind that you will need a dsdt.aml file. His blog describes how to create it. You can ignore this part if you have a motherboard for which he has a ready made dsdt. This is what I used, and it will save you a ton of work. Check the link below for the ready-to-go dsdt’s: Please note that you must match your motherboard model number, revision and bios version EXACTLY. Do not assume that one close enough will work. If he does not list one, you can ask him to create one for you. He outlines what you need to prepare so he can create one…. I cannot continue without praising Asere. This community would be NOWHERE without him. He and Mike are single handedly responsible for all of us having working Mac OS. Both Asere and Mike (the owner of this forum) accept donations…. DONATE… DO NOT EVEN THINK OF IGNORING THIS…. They deserve it. I have donated money and my time helping others. In order for progress to continue, these guys need to be appreciated and properly helped. Money is the way to help for legal fees (don’t ask), bandwith, equipment and their time. Get the ready made dsdt’s on this post: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=38 OK, armed with the above knowledge, go to Asere’s site, read the directions carefully, have a positive attitude, be patient, take it one step at a time (ignore the creation of the dsdt), and have fun. Do not be intimidated by the Terminal. If at the end of this whole process you end up with a working system, and I was helpful, just let me know. It will make me feel good. Here is Asere’s blog: http://aserebln.blogspot.com
  6. I don't know why, but getting sound working has become my obsession. Why? For no reason other than hearing that "bubble pop" sound when I adjust the volume. Anyway, I know I have advocated the use of the "french kexts" to address fixing the sound. This was well and done, until I got it in my head that my system must run 64 bit. For what it seems like an eternity, all I could get from straight dsdt was the rear audio port. Nothing I tried managed to fix it. Until I came across a solution that worked for me. This is NOT my solution, I merely came across it and take no credit for it. I can only vouch that this works for my MB and the alc889a. You need to patch your device (HDEF) in your dsdt. I include the whole section here: And I use the attached kext, from tmonkol, or somebody like that (truly-sorry, I am bad with remembering names).EDIT 4 Sept. 26, 2009 Thanks to GeorgesBraque discovery, we now how a kext that does it all. To summarize: This works in 64 bit mode Both front and rear (green) outputs You get autoswitching when pluging headphones Works with the latest version of Asere's dsdt's with ABLN-0x04f Cannot determine mic inputs....(simply don't have one) Kext below has been updated.
  7. elmangomez

    AsereBLN Booter - Based on Chameleon RC4 / PCEFI10.5

    Hi Konsti, I am not a super expert, I simply have managed to find solutions by reading everywhere. I have tried to help other newbies (ex-Efixers) so they do not have to go through the same research I went through. That being said, I have to confess that the things you mention are a little above my understanding. So, could I impose on you to explain these things in layman's terms... Is the loading of the video ROM feature you request purely to get the right resolution on your bootloader theme or does it have any other advantages? I have a 30"monitor (2560x1920) and the bootloader looks really crunchy... What is ACPI override... something dealing with with speedsteping? Please do not misunderstand me, I want the latest and best that can be had, but as a layman, what are the advantages? The thing to remember about this board is its initial mission statement. It was meant for that segment of population who wanted a no-pain hackintosh system. Initially the Efix device offered this but we all know the disaster that was... so we delved further into the hackintosh to get that solution. Asere and Mike are the best at all the support they have provided... So please have a little patience when a semi-newbie like me asks basic questions. Thanks. PS, my work system is now a 3.2 GHz i7 with a Gigabyte EX58-UD5, an nVidia 285 GTX, which is running fine. I do not have any speedstepping done and CPU runs at around 50 degrees celcius.
  8. elmangomez

    AsereBLN Booter - Based on Chameleon RC4 / PCEFI10.5

    I have gone dormant for a while simply because my system just works, and it seems like the same questions kept getting asked over and over... Is there any new development that would be worthwhile implementing into Asere's Chameleon?
  9. elmangomez

    Quick Question - GA311

    OK I admit that I am being lazy on this one. I have a Netgear GA311 NIC, and I was not able to plug it in and have it work (browse the web). Now I confess that I did not try very hard. Plugged it in, could not connect, did not want to bother trying anything.... and went back to motherboard network. So, simple question.... do you have this card working in SL-64 bit? Rather than spend another night trying things, or Googling around, I thought I would ask first. So a simple "Yes i have it, yes it works" or "I cannot get it to work either" answer will do... Based on this, I will see if it's worth it to try. While I am on the subject, I now have a second Hackintosh... For a Mac networking dummy, what is the best way to determine if Bonjour and AFP are working properly....? Thank you!!
  10. elmangomez

    audio device has disappeared

    Hello Mr. Fraser, A very unique opportunity has opened up. With the economic crisis, NYC is about to go bankrupt. However Mayor Bloomberg has made available to a select number of investor agents, the possibility to buy into city property. I have been fortunate enough to be assigned the representation of shares for the Brooklyn Bridge!! For only $1,000 a share, you can own a piece of the historic landmark. You will also be able to vote with other shareholders on the installation of a toll system for the bridge. This is expected to generate $10 million a day! Which will translate to approximately $20 a day per share.... In just 50 days, you will gain your original investment. In 5 years you will be able to retire. If you double or triple yor investment, you will be able to retire sooner. Unfortunately, as a share agent, I cannot invest my own money, otherwise I would purchase a large bulk. I can make available to you a maximum of 10 shares.... If you are interested, I will meet you in a public park and exchange the share certificates (they are handwritten at the moment) for your soon to grow cash. Sorry but I only accept cash.... How many shares do you want to get....? You cannot tell others about this, as the mayor may cancel the offer if too much attention is drawn to the city's financial troubles. Especially do not mention this to the police, as they would surely block the legislation, in the hopes that their union would capture control.
  11. elmangomez

    So close, yet so far! =/

    My advice would be to request Asere himself to create a DSDT for you (And make sure you donate to him), or to "find" someone here who has that board working, and ask them to share the file with you.... Sorry I cannot be of more help....
  12. elmangomez

    problem with installation

    Hallelujah Chameleon, Hallelujah!! My entire Efix disappointment is comparable to when I was a little boy and as a boy scout we would go camping, then late at night Mr. Wilhem, our scoutmaster would sneak into my tent and with his.... You get the picture.... btw I was never a boy scout and I do not intend any offense to the organization.
  13. elmangomez

    Nvidia 9800 GTX+ issues

    To fix video, first read my tutorial here: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=478 if that does not work, or you need more help, try this: http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=709 I believe Asere's latest bootloader has the ability to add the NVCAP directly into your boot.plist. Also, make sure you play around with the PCI, PEG and PEG2 entries on your bios. Try different options.
  14. elmangomez

    So close, yet so far! =/

    My guide on how to get sound working is predicated on you using Asere's DSDT file for your motherboard.... If you are not using this, it's like shooting in the dark....
  15. elmangomez

    Nvidia 9800 GTX+ issues

    I think you should forget about all those bootloaders and use Asere's bootloader from here.... Then on your boot.plist make sure you have GraphicsEnabled and do NOT include a string for the video card. I have the same card and it work very nicely.
  16. elmangomez

    Stuck very early

    USB Sticks are NOT interchangeable with different model motherboards... because for each motherboard, you need custom dsdt.aml file in /Extra, which you can download from Asere's post... Also for sound, you will need to get the right kext for that chipset as well.
  17. elmangomez

    EFI-X and Pentium: compatible ?

    Best is to ask advice at Efix forum.... most here do not use Efix anymore... The real EFIx guru's are there. Unfortunately I also do not have a definite answer to your question, BUT if the CPU works in a motherboard that is on the HCL, iI would imagine it would work.
  18. elmangomez

    Any one knows what this message means?

    I always got this error message as well... I would ignore it....
  19. elmangomez

    Not even 5% there...

    Good to hear you are up and running.... Please do follow Skipper's advice about the separate boot sticks.... way safer this way. As far as XP, Chameleon cannot really boot to XP, because XP needs to be drive hd0... and with Chameleon this cannot be... you can read my post here if you MUST, but be prepared for a lot of work. The other easy method is hitting the F12, prior to boot of Chameleon (Energy Start screen). This will allow you to select booting to your XP drive. http://www.efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=642 I would advice using Win 7... It is quite good and I am used to it now... I went from XP to Win7... without horrible pain.. Gppd luck.
  20. elmangomez

    WORKS but an issue has evolved.

    I have a nasty habit of posting replies, and then editing them a lot.... -re-read my post to see what I really meant to say.... As far as UUID, Asere's latest supposedly reads it from the bios of your mobo if it supports it. I think the old method of platformuuid (or similar) is outdated... But as I said, I am NOT an expert on UUID.... Someone please feel free to post about this... How can we determine if our mobo have this piece of data that the bootloader reads? A little quick tutorial would be quite nice.... I would write it if I knew my stuff.
  21. elmangomez

    WORKS but an issue has evolved.

    FYI... I would delete your screencaps with your Adobe Serial number.... If this is a legit number, you are broadcasting it to the world..... Check your PM.... which I will send in a minute.
  22. elmangomez

    WORKS but an issue has evolved.

    Phil, You should be continuing your earlier thread, otherwise others will not know what was done in the past.... You do not need to create a new issue, with the same setup, unless it is a different topic. You cannot expect a smotth transition between Efix and Chameleon. They both approach things differently. So if you have to re-register apps, so be it. Most likely these are issues related to the UUID, which I am not well versed in. As far as Mac Pro 3,1 or 3,2 again this is generic on how the bootloader is interpreting the hardware. Neither Chameleon nor Efix change the OS (or anything within it). As I said, it is likely related to UUID... My advice is if you got this far and everything is working (sound, video, network) congratulate yourself. If you need to re-install software, so be it.... If you have some hardware issues, there are various guides here to resolve your issue. You will need to dig a litlle and try to understand what is happening, so you can be well versed in the bootloader, and so you can pass your knowledge to others... like we all have. Read my post here.... and take a deep breath.... Rome was not built in a day... http://efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=478
  23. elmangomez

    AsereBLN Booter - Based on Chameleon RC4 / PCEFI10.5

    Great, I am familiar with both Lizard and BootCDMaker... but where exactly do I use the cdboot file that is in the STLVNUB package? Neither package asks for it... A little more info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  24. elmangomez

    AsereBLN Booter - Based on Chameleon RC4 / PCEFI10.5

    I hate to ask, but how did you go about making the boot cd...??? I downloaded the package, ran the Makecdboot.command, but what happens next? How and where do I add my Extras folder, etc.? I have used Lizard before, but I am not sure what Bootloader that uses. I would prefer to have an Asere bootloader CD. Thanks.
  25. Mac Extended Journaled...... do NOT do the Case sensitive.... this could be it.

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