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  1. @Pokenguyen. ? ? Great work, many congratulations this should help many....
  2. Hi Mirone - this is now working great on?Asus Z87-DELUXE-DUAL Intel i5-4670K.OSX 10.8.5... Really appreciated - thank you.
  3. I gave up on the Fusion Drive due to the same issues you are experiencing. Clover will look for an EFI partition. The only solution is to either use an USB stick to boot, or an EFI partition on another installed drive. You can even use a Windows EFI partition although that is usually too small if you have a few Clover Themes installed. With that scenario I would install Clover on to my Macintosh HD (your disk2) using the Clover EFI option in the installer, as the rc files are correctly added to your /etc directory or are correctly updated. I would then copy the relevant updated Clover files to the EFI partition I was using for booting Clover. A bit long winded but it worked for me until I decided that the Fusion Drive was not totally compatible with Clover, and I decided to use my SSD to hold all the OSX files, including the User directory. But anything like documents, Aperture/iTunes and other huge libraries are stored on another drive. It works well for me, and Clover has its EFI partition. The SSD is 240GB and it is showing 178GB free currently, while 600GB plus sits on the other disk. I should add at the time the issue was raised with DEVs regarding the problems with Fusion - but I never got a solution. Added later.. Another reason I gave up on the Fusion was an issue with other OS's present. On a couple of occasions I managed to screw the Fusion drive by Windows running a chkdsk, whether this was my error I do not know but it happened twice to me. I decided rightly or wrongly Fusion does not coexist too well with other installations, and is easily damaged by overwrites.
  4. Folks it would appear that this thread is now dead. I did ask the "owner" kyndder by email but no response was received, so he has either moved on to greater things, or he is too busy, or both. An indication of the status change would have been polite. To post here now is a waste of effort although there is a great deal of useful information in previous pages as long as you aware that clover has changed a great deal in second quarter of 2013, so a great deal is now out of date. I would recommend the excellent Clover wiki at( Home ) with links to information and related sites. Good luck...
  5. Hi Carmine, To be totally fair to everybody here and elsewhere who tries to help you, you have not advised of the fact that you have upgraded your hack to an X79, the problems are totally different as people will view your signature. I also thought that you are supporting Andrew financially over at rampagedev | A great WordPress.com site to assist you with the x79. You should check with him which is the preferred profile for you to use. I have no experience of your new board or processor. But to be fair to all here you have to advise people what changes to your hardware you have made. Support for the X79 is beta as far as OSX is concerned you will be giving yourself a great deal of added stress with that and OSX 10.9 Mavericks. If you are talking 10.8 with that motherboard/processor then you will need NulCPUpowermanagement, speed stepping etc will not work, so wave goodbye to power management. I hope that I am correct as I see your name and posts in different forums. If not correct, I apologise but I see you are offering yourself as a beta tester at his website, as I suggested to you in a PM, I think you will be giving yourself many issues, using that board and OSX 10.9 Mavericks, which many of us are not familiar with and the current Developers version is a very early beta and not recommended for none developers. One really needs to fully understand what you are doing, and it is not for the faint hearted.
  6. Hi K. Yesterday Asus came out with a new BIOS #2003 for this motherboard. It works as did 1909, cannot write to BIOS NVRAM, although with EmuVariableUefi-64 and a nvram.plist it works fine.
  7. Please wait for Kyndder to respond, BIOS issues are a subject we have a mutual interest in, but I am not trying to interfere with your problem it is likely something quite different. Good luck and apologies for interrupting.
  8. Hey @K now MSI - all these new BIOS causing issues, I have it in writing from Asus that it is intentional, but I cannot share the letter received as I was specifically advised the info was for my eyes only, I do not think it is a bug in Gigabyte/Asus and now MSI, but time will tell. I do accept the post above might be different
  9. @Kyndder A very big thank you for the heads up with your latest GB BIOS update. I was very concerned that the latest Asus 1904 BIOS would not save the Clover setting to nvram, you were as usual correct in adding EmuVariableUefi-64.efi to the drivers64UEFI directory sorted out the problem. We live and learn but the fact the 1806 bios worked fine and 1908 would not had me very concerned. I had tried before but I never saw the nvram.plist saved to disk before. R1794 corrected that problem, only issue is shutdown takes a bit longer but that is no issue.
  10. Carmine - what I sent you works fine on my test OSX HTPC thunderbolt system booting with UEFI. So why it does not work in Napoli I have no clue. I will leave you in the good hands of fau7i, as this is his forum, I helped yesterday as he was "busy", and I know it can be stressful if things dont work... In bocca al lupo!/Tony.
  11. Oh dear, I have completely redone it again, please replace the whole EFI folder with the contentents of this, I have made all the corrections. It really should work... If this does not work I cannot help more. Droplr ? EFI.zip
  12. OK Carmine - your config.plist was incorrect with a mix of <dict> and </dict> all mixed up. This is my last try - please REPLACE your EFI directory with the attached, it should hopefully work, I know blackosx Theme works very well and I have added that into the corrected config.plist. You will have to get your own Magnifico theme working yourself if the black_green works. Droplr ? EFI.zip Good Luck - it is usually a question of just going through everything step by step and slowly. I would also suggest you inform Slice what you were selecting when the Clover installation failed, what you sent him is not helpful. EDIT...Oops you will need to change the defaultBootVolume in config.plist to raid it is currently showing Macintosh HD, also remove DefaultBootVolume from SystemParameters - it sits in GUI now.
  13. Copy this corrected theme directory with a theme.plist added to your clover directory and try and boot. PLEASE advise if it works.... Droplr ? themes.zip EDIT - also why in your drivers64UEFI folder do you have BOTH HFPLUS.efi and VboxHfs-64.efi - they both do the same thing, the first one is the Apple version and the second an opensource version - use one or the other NOT both.
  14. Your audio is Realtek 887 Use google like I did and you might try this link as Toleda writes the audio patches over there, but before you start have a backup of youir osx files just in case. Realtek ALC887 audio codec This thread is related to Clover issues, yours is likely something outside of clover but add this to your config.plist <key>PCI</key> <dict> <key>HDAInjection</key> <integer>887</integer> This might help if you have added the correct kexts for 887 audio which will be a specific HDAEnabler1.kext and a patched AppleHDA.kext. But the guy who recommended the USB Dac is quite correct - I use a Soundblaster X-Fi Go! Pro, and the quality of the sound is far superior to any $2 realtek chip, and you also dont have to add amended kexts... Good luck. Hey Kyndder, GenerateIvyStates gets better and better. May 15 17:15:44 MacPro kernel[0]: AICPUPMI: CPU P-States [ 16 17 18 19 22 29 35 36 41 45 ]
  15. Comwave732 - Hi if you see this please see your PM on this site. Clover needs help with Korean translation for the installer - there are many changes.... Hope all is well with you.
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