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  1. @Pokenguyen. ? ? Great work, many congratulations this should help many....
  2. Hi Mirone - this is now working great on?Asus Z87-DELUXE-DUAL Intel i5-4670K.OSX 10.8.5... Really appreciated - thank you.
  3. You DO NOT need a DSDT just a SSDT for speedstepping although that too is not needed if you use Clover...
  4. afd_sg


    @Bansaku @ cchoosen Thanks. I have noticed that some of the other versions around, even {censored} latest Chimera show memory fail in the Diagnostics section of the Apple Profiler. Enoch's revisions are fine.... So there are differences in the different revisions we see here.
  5. Hi maxhello - THANK YOU - using Enoch's (r2042) the Apple Diagnostic message says passed... I was concerned as much in the profiler is cosmetic, but a worry none the less, but memory tests all passed and the sys works fine - thank you for the info. I even tried {censored} Chimera and that fails on memory as well. There trunks do not appear to be uniform. I saw this after upgrading the memory, but then discovered putting the old memory back saw the same error!
  6. Re 51650 - The Apple System profiler is showing a memory error Power On Self-Test: Failed and it lists two memory modules. The memory tests out fine. This was known about some time ago, and was supposedly identified as a Chameleon issue and was corrected. i have just noticed the error, I do not know how long it has been there. Any ideas?
  7. I am hoping that {censored} has not copied your idea as it looks as he is about to produce something similar...

    Historicly he does such things without acknowledging the source.

  8. Works great for me awesome - some of the others who are assuming they are are having iCloud issues yesterday might have been affected by the problems Apple were having with their servers particularly with Apple Mail. r1627VS worked for me yesterday, then later I noticed problems with iCloud again and mail. Have a real mac and saw the same problem so knew it was not a chameleon problem. Thanks Awsome - you are Awsome...
  9. I would suggest that X-Flash is far better than this {censored} application which involves adjusting the partition of your hard disk. X-Flash runs on a USB stick and is far more convenient.
  10. Thanks to all for the help provided here. I was trying to load X-Flash from within Lion (10.7). I loaded a version of 10.6.8 and tried it there and it works without problem. Using the default settings just adding a couple of kexts to the E/E folder it worked first time. I was then able to install a clean version of line on a new disk. This is a great tool and i thank you for helping.
  11. Mhh - I would not consider myself a complete noob, but what ever I cannot get this to work despite the helpful suggestions by macky_reddy and EmphasiS. Could it be the Sony 8GB memory stick I am using, and what do you do with the mounted - Mount Lion install DMG + mount "BaseSystem.dmg", which you can find inside Lion install DMG - as once mounted the mounted folder sits on my desktop - is this copied anywhere else? Sorry if i am being dim...
  12. Awesome Your work is appreciated here, take no notice of those who make unhelpful comments as they know no better. you're awesome Mr. Awesome.
  13. Hi this looks very interesting, however when I have mounted the "Mac OS X Install ESD icon on my desktop and drag and drop it to X-Flash icon I get an error Error! Target is not empty I have tried a number of times and cannot get passed the error. Would appreciate more help please even though your "Read Me" is very clear. best regards/Tony.
  14. Master-Q That is not very nice - I for one am very grateful to these guys for all they do for the community. Change is good, and you are getting all this for free and I am sorry if you are too lazy to read and understand why these changes happen. You should not be rude as it spoils it for the other people, and does not give the message of appreciation to the guys who can do this work to whom I am very grateful.
  15. Sorry - the QE/Ci is working ok in Lion they have changed the dashboard so it does not display the ripple effect any longer likely due to Mission Control showing Dashboard. Mhhh! Back to sleep...
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