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  1. They are a small company that specialises in innovative storage products for IT professionals, they are becoming more well known every year. Yes, it can be used in the older Macs making them as good as new. Here is a review I just found with the OWC benchmark. https://barefeats.com/hard213.html
  2. Sounds like a good reason to get a case with a glass window where you can see inside.
  3. www.angelbird.com https://www.angelbird.com/prod/ssd-wrk-1506/
  4. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator ?

  5. As you can see we have re-skinned the web site, to make it easier on the eye. ? Big thanks to Niall for all his hard work and also for fixing many things in the backend, which the users do not see.? ? We will be making more improvements to the web site in the coming months, and will be introducing competitions and special deals for our members.? ? Thank you for being part of the Hackintosh OSX community.? ? ?
  6. Third-party SSD vendors address Apple TRIM issue Read more at http://www.tweaktown.com/news/41180/third-party-ssd-vendors-address-apple-trim-issue/index.html
  7. First Third-Party SSD With Native OS X TRIM Support Launched by Angelbird ? With the growing popularity and declining cost of solid-state drives (SSDs) for Macs and other personal computers, users have becoming increasingly interested in putting third-party SSDs into their machines. But one issue Mac users have been running into involves support for TRIM, a system-level command that allows the operating system and the drive to communicate about which areas of the drive are considered unused and thus ready to be erased and rewritten to.? Without TRIM, writes to the drive can see significant slowdowns as the system must read and erase each block on the fly before writing new data. But unfortunately for users looking to install third-party SSDs into their machines, Apple only officially supports TRIM on Apple-branded SSDs. Workarounds such as?Trim Enabler?have naturally been developed to enable TRIM on non-Apple SSDs, but a?new lineup of SSDsreleased earlier this month by Austrian firm Angelbird claims to be the first third-party SSD to support TRIM right out of the box with no need for additional software tweaking.? Exactly how Angelbird has achieved native TRIM support on Mac is unclear, as the company has not responded to requests for comment. French site?MacBidouille?reports[Google Translate], however, that Angelbird's SSDs appear to simply be masquerading as genuine Apple SSDs, thereby qualifying for native TRIM support. While the method appears rather questionable and likely to draw Apple's attention, the drive could still be an appealing option for users looking for the easiest possible solution for upgrading to an SSD? OS X Yosemite has added yet another wrinkle for third-party SSD users, as the new kext signing security measure included in the new operating system means that Yosemite systems will refuse to load modified drivers such as those used by TRIM-enabling software. Cindori, the company behind Trim Enabler, is for now recommending that users interested in enabling TRIM on third-party SSDs with Yosemite?disable the kext-signing check entirely. The company acknowledges that turning off this global setting is far from ideal and "for most users it will not be worth it", but for now it is the only solution.? Angelbird has not specified whether its SSDs bypass the Yosemite TRIM issues, but if the drives do indeed simply qualify as Apple SSDs due to the way the model number is presented, it is possible that native TRIM support may still function under Yosemite. Angelbird's SSD wrk lineup is available in three capacities:?128 GB,?256 GB, and?512 GBstarting at an MSRP of $99.99. ? ? Source:?http://www.macrumors.com/2014/10/31/angelbird-ssd-trim/
  8. We moved the site to another server, and there were some settings not configured properly. I think the issue is fixed now.? Please PM me if there are any further difficulties.?
  9. Team Angelbird in Austria builds world's fastest PC using liquid nitrogen cooling. News
  10. Interesting links, thanks romac.
  11. I just read this on the efix forum, I'm hurting from laughing, apparently Wilhem von Vnukov is stepping down as Chairman of ASEM. He has denied rumours of bad health or becoming a monk as the reasons for his departure, well we certainly know it's not because he's been on an English language training course. In strikingly similar fashion to Steve Jobs' resignation letter, von Vnukov published the following bizarre statement on his efix forum, with the exception obviously being Steve Jobs was a great visionary man who didn't speak pigeon English. Dear ASEM lovers and ASEM product users. ASEM arrives at a new historical milestone. The founder, head of the board that runs ASEM Co., Ltd, Wilhelm von Vnukov, who has been an independent director for about 10 years and then extra 2 (almost 3) years as a chairman, after the company had a major restructuring process, has announced he is stepping down. The actual resign was happened about several month ago already, also in August 2011. Wilhelm during his long tenure lasting more than 12 years as an founder, designer and independent director made significant contribution to the company, product design and the product quality and has now chosen to step down given several other commitments that he has. From packaging design of ASEM products, till PCB design and manufacturing, he was involved into every and each production and design step of all by ASEM developed products. EFiX, which has been sold till now over 180000 Units worldwide is being one of his most famous world-changing creations. His manufacturing and design standards, which are used by ASEM branded products are the highest in the industry today. "We believe that such high and cutting edge quality and design standards will be not superseded by any company for at least next 10-20 years. His remarkable quality requirements will be enforced for all ASEM products in future too" , so ASEM General Manager said. Wilhelm left in the company a huge design and development documentation-base, ASEM Standardization and his vision, which will be used in all new coming products and future developments. According to the ASEM internal tradition the name of the new, current Chairman will be not announced. "ASEM products shall shine with quality, ideas and spirit, but not with name of people who are working here. We will keep original spirit of Wilhelm von Vnukov. However i am very proud to be here." ,- so the new ASEM chairman said According to the ASEM General Manager, - "Wilhelm will still consult the new chairman and will help with some new coming products." "We wish Wilhelm all the best, in whatever he approaches and hope, that he will someday return at his right position, here at ASEM. You are the legend ! Thank You for all !" , so R&D ASEM team said Rumors: According to some unconfirmed rumors, Wilhelm decided to leave company because of two major reasons. One of those was his health condition. It wasn't a secret that his working time was about 24 hours a day, without weekends, holidays or any rest. Company employees didn't saw him sometimes sleeping for several weeks or even months. Most of time he was living inside his room at ASEM company offices. The second reason, according to some rumors said, is his decision to be a monk. "He has become a monk since middle of 2011" - so the same rumor source said. Official EFi-X Support and User forum ? View topic - ASEM Chairman Wilhelm von Vnukov stepped his position down
  12. I have the Angelbird cards installed into my system. 32GB Wings with Chameleon 1x60GB with OSX 10.6.8 2x120GB in RAID0 It's very impressive and thanks for the hint John! I as well have a MacPro which I want to try with a full loaded system if after some tests.
  13. Speedy delivery of my goods from Orange Systems, I have Wings 32GB with 1 Crest 60GB SSD & 2 x Crest 120GB, looking forward to playing with it over the weekend.
  14. Sweet, I'm going to have to try these, have placed an order with a UK distie Orange Systems Ltd, RAID, PCIe, SSD & E-Commerce Solutions. and will report back.
  15. And he's after you! Official EFi-X Support and User forum ? View topic - [info] Hacking attempts of this forum Here's a quote of this wonderful human prototype, too rare to die, too dumb to keep out of the madcage. Here's the war declaration of the little matrioska, on one of his frequent vodka drinking nights: To those who attempt to hack: ASEM traced and reported 2 persons already and those are punished by law to the maximum possible extend. Whohooo! Go go cockbreath go! If you would like to pay to ASEM for damages, so you can be sure, that you definitive will. Skipped English lessons again uh? Only he can understand this phrase (and not just plainly laugh) ASEM does trace not IP's only, and if you believe, that any kind of proxy will help you to hide, so you are very wrong. Like stated above, it is just question of interest to trace you down. Not trace not, trace yes, no, not yes trace me trace, dum da dum. Right. He really ought to put a pinch of tobacco in what he smokes.
  16. Oh nice! I bet it's the same "Vaporizer" that made all of our money disappear for that pile of shit they sell.
  17. I hear the only people left in the world buying EFI-X are the Japanese. Surely they have to be warned?
  18. Utter illegality of EFI-X and Chameleon rip-off I recently updated the firmware of my efix and guess what I found out in the latest and most wonderful firmware made by the 1500 asem employees? - Non bootable drives hidden from the boot screen. That's a recent Chameleon RC2+ feature. - GFX card shows up in PCI devices, that's also a recent Chameleon RC2+ feature. How long must this scam continue? How long must we pay such high amounts of cash for shamelessly ripped up software? And how long must we see an *ILLEGAL* thing such as having our self made PCs recognized as Apple Mac Pro 3,1? That's called COUNTERFEITING OF PRODUCTS.
  19. Wow that's a pretty damning expose, from Tom's Hardware no less, they've been around for as long as I can remember and are very well respected in the computer world.
  20. Can we do a sweepstake as to how long ASEM lasts? My bet is they will be gone by November.
  21. So they are only making about $80 pure profit per unit in Ukraine, as apposed to $240 profit from the USB dongles, I mean EFI-X units, they sell in the rest of the world.
  22. English language support? LOL that's not English, his English is terrible, where did he learn to write English like that?
  23. The EFIX update server has been down for the last week, which means my EFIX machine isn't working (something I'm used to), the problem is all my software, including Adobe CS4 is registered on that machine, so I at least need to get on to the machine so I can deactivate the software, and install it on a machine that works.
  24. I'm sure it is probably made in Taiwan, ASEM have lied about so many other things, why not this?
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