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  1. TreeloX

    VMWare Fusion in SL?

    The new VMware Fusion 3 supports Snow Leopard, 64bit-mode included.
  2. TreeloX

    VMWare Fusion in SL?

    Parallels works fine for me - had to leave Vmware behind for SL.
  3. Sleep doesn´t work on my side either. For me something to get over, cause I´m happy with working on my OpenWilhelm-Mac and shutting it down afterwards.
  4. The new style is beautiful! My suggestion - this mod http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=148372 for the possibility to have nested quotes. If you want to quote a user, who quotes another user, this isn´t possible with the built-in-functionality of vbulletin.
  5. Thank you for these guidelines. I created a backup-stick from scratch, but this is easier indeed.
  6. Many thanks for this solution! The hidden usb-stick was turned to grey in the Finder-sidebar, but diminished completely after a reboot. And within Pathfinder I´m still having acess to the bootstick. Perfect.
  7. This unofficial installer worked for me. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184766 In addition I added the dsdt from the LifeHacker-guide to my chameleon-rc3-bootstick and I could run SL flawlessly.
  8. The thread with all the justified complaints about the v1-SL-"incompatibility" was now locked by mr-mavrik (36 pages meanwhile). He didn´t tolerate a post with some Nazi-sayings (the user obviously chose a alienating/weird form of expressing his bad feelings). I understand, that this kind of formulation isn´t tolerable. But I can´t understand in the least, that this isolated and unique wordings of one user lead to this locking. For me it is nothing but a favorable opportunity to stop further customer-voices. Why didn´t mr-mavrik just delete this one post?
  9. The 10.6.1-update went fine on my side too.
  10. I think, this is the syntax <key>Default Partition</key> <string>hd(x,y)</string> for the default drive. The disadvantage of this logic is: every time a new usb-drive is attached before a new boot, the order of the drives is renewed and the entry above won´t work any more, until you edit the entry again accordingly.
  11. That´s my reason to use a usb-stick. Or better two. Today I failed with a try to re-arrange kexts and the dsdt-file and got KP´s. No prob to switch to my other stick with chameleon rc3 and the system was running again, giving me the opportunity to fix my mess.
  12. As far as I could read with my noobish background, enabling the sleepmode with whatsoever procedure increases the cpu-heat at least a bit. So the decision would be: enabling sleep with more power-consumption or just start-shutdown with saving more energy. Throw tomatoes at me, if I got this wrong.
  13. The German consumer-organizations are offering legal advice for a small fee (as far as I remember 5 or 10 EUR). Thank you so much, AsereBLN, for your efforts! I´m totally sorry for this outcome.
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