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  1. Ok thanks, i will try my luck. Ordered one at amazon for 3€.
  2. Is the BT Dongle working OOTB or is any driver needed? My Mouse is now on the way from US
  3. Ha, just read an Article about generally Hackintoshs at german news site spiegel.de and Asres Blog with Guide ist mentioned in it. But the best is this part: Link to Article: http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gadgets/0,1518,657420,00.htmlNow you're famous, Asere!
  4. Cool, got the same problem (one of them under win7) and will try this! Thanks a lot!
  5. haha,.. the entire company - good one! maybe the three little ppl changed their seats! This whole efi-x thing is a forcemeat.
  6. wow,.. this board is growing superfast!
  7. Thanks Mike for this great guide!!!
  8. Hi Knotty, thanks for the info. Do you can shut down Win7 normally? I have got the problem that a shut down or a restart hangs in the Windows Screen for hours. I can only shut down the computer hard. Do you got the same problem? I use the actual Win7 MSDNAA build and have installed Windows without Chameleon or Efix and just select the Win-Harddrive from Chameleon to boot into. Thanks, marcos
  9. Thanks, but both cards are a bit out of budget!
  10. Is there any Soundcard out with native drivers for OSX 10.5 and higher? I mean a consumer card, maybe about 60€. At the moment I have one M-Audio Audiophile 2496 working with some drivers from here: http://audio-evolution.com/drivers/, but I can not use all channels etc.. My onboard sound is also working but when the CPU is under stress it makes clatter sounds and even the sound quality is not really good. I also found this here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=104797
  11. The problem occurs under chameleon and Efix. When I try to shutdown or restart windows everything seems to be ok. But finaly I see only this blue ring and the message "shutting down windows". I can wait as long as I want, nothing happens. Usually I turn off the compute hard, by pressing the button! Is it related to Chameleon/Efix or is it one of this normal Windows problems?
  12. Nonetheless, one good step-by-step tutorial as aseres would avoid many questions and would help many people switching from their Efix to Chameleon. I would appreciate it if asere would post his tutorial here in the forum. Maybe a bit better formated und serially numbered. So if anyone got some question he/she can easy refer to it.
  13. Maybe I can help you with that. We got such a "terminal primer" in the university sometimes. I have to look for that - it was really good and simple for the beginning, starting with changing, creating and deleting folders etc. but was not only restricted in that simple things. Hope I still got it anywhere..
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