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  1. Under 10.6, I once tried a Zotac 9800GT with 1GB of RAM instead of my Zotac 9800GT with 512MB of RAM (the 512 version of the card works great in my office setup). The 1GB version of the very same card never worked for me in the living room setup (same model of motherboard). I am not knowledgeable enough about graphic cards in our hackintoshes to know why that occurred, but I returned the 1GB card for another 512MB one and my living room hackintosh is now identical to the workhorse hackintosh in the office, working fine. Weird, but i wasn't keen on investing more time to find out why. Good luck to you guys.
  2. Thanks, Skipper, this really made me laugh on a Monday morning. We've discussed Vnukov's possible narcissistic personality disorder before in this wonderful forum, but it's fun to see fresh evidence. You have to laugh at authoritarians like this guy who attempt to project a good guy image of positiveness to the world while treating people terribly. The key is his censoring content he doesn't like because it might reveal his ill treatment of others. Which he hilariously refers to as "indirect inflammation"! Just reading the current incarnation of the Art Studios website is funny, there are so many holes in it. Looks like there hasn't been any more development on the fabulous EFI-X module in awhile. I thought he'd be on "Version 9" by now so the most recent unfortunate customers of a version 8 could look like this: :eek:
  3. This is very helpful to me. Thanks for posting.
  4. I've surfed www.cartri.net over the past few days to see how he's coming along and not had any troubles.
  5. I agree with Skipper, I wasn't intending to suggest a URL change. It's effective as is to entice real EFI-X users like we were. But changing the title on the home page so people can grasp what we're about would not cost an annual fee. Mike's done enough for us, asking him to spend more money on domain name registrations, which are an annual fixed cost, wasn't my intention
  6. I forget the thread wherein Mike posed this topic himself and I responded positively, but I'll second that notion again enthusiastically. A title like "Former EFI-X Users" or "Recovering EFI-X Users" and a tag line such as "Promoting free and open-source alternatives to the EFI-X boot processing unit." might be really good and attract more readers.
  7. Spike, does that mean if I have my Lifehacker Chameleon installation on a USB drive, I can set it to default into the OSX drive and not have to always select OSX over Win7 manually? The Lifehacker method has worked great for me but it's a pain always having to be present while the computer boots because it'll default into the OSX installation setup if I don't right-arrow over to the OSX or Win7 hard drive icons.
  8. Hi Mike, I had to go away for a while but am now back and EFIX-free thanks to the Lifehacker method. I've seen some rude replies to some newbies over the past month or so that I thought very unwarranted because they had questions about, gasp, EFI-X. :eek: When a surfer arrives at something called "EFI-X Users", what else are they to assume? We need to be rude to ASEM, not its victims--which we all were not so long ago. EFI-X Users In Recovery, or Former EFI-X Users, or EFI-X Free & Loving It, EFI-X Rebels, or whatever. Maybe we could all brainstorm this in a separate thread? I think you're right on about changing the name. Perhaps adding a tag line such as "Helping Burned EFI-X Users Find Better/Free Solutions Since August 2009" or something would explain the site's noble purpose to newbies. Still changing my sig, Tim
  9. Great thoughts, well-written, afd_sg. Posts like this are why this forum is so superior to almost any I've ever joined. We can lead the burned EFI-X customers to the water of free and more reliable solutions, but we cannot make them drink. And it's useless to try. I would be using the Lifehacker method right now if a hard drive hadn't died under warranty the very week I tried it (and it did indeed work, Snow Leopard full time is just around the corner!). Wishing a blue Christmas for Vnukov and ASEM, DC
  10. Should we bet on when the thing actually ships? And how many problems will be raised on their forums when it does? Then there'll be an announcement from White Dragon and his cult members that says "All bugs will magically disappear if you only play Ancient Gate on ASEM motherboards with ASEM RAM in them."
  11. I'm in the same boat with you, wimisin. I'm getting ready to try selling my V1 if the Lifehacker method proves reliable over the next two weeks. What I want to do is, unlike ASEM with EFI-X, give full disclosure on what people can and cannot do with a working V1 (no Snow Leopard, be wary of no anti-static circuitry in it so handle with extreme care), and offer a couple days warranty so they can verify it works. After that, they're on their own and the bidding prices should reflect that if we are honest with them. I doubt anyone would pay me 80 Euros for this thing even though it's worked great from day 1. But they might pay something to run OS10.5 really well.
  12. Hooray! Let's hear it for the informer! If anyone can post comments supporting the article there (if they allow it, I can't read the language), it would be terrific. Good work!
  13. So true! Even Microsoft charges a lot more for their retail Windows licenses than the OEM ones because the support costs have to be recouped. Anyone trying to get official Apple support on a computer not made by Apple deserves to be told to go to hell. Like calling Audi to get support for your Mazda. I've always thought it would be really cruel to build a Hackintosh for a person who never used a Mac before--the beginners should stick with a real Mac and not our hobby machines, with all the joys and glitches those entail since we are not buying the nicely, vertically integrated solution from the mothership.
  14. I'll try again. I think my music analogy still seems apt, and maybe that's what he or she was going for and could have stated better. I don't actually own an artist's music, I get a copy of it I can use any way I see fit in my home and car and at the beach--so long as I don't accept pay for playing the music to people. When I put a CD into a stereo, a EULA doesn't pop up saying "Hi sucker, thanks for your hard-earned money, now before you press Play we want you to know you are not allowed to play this CD in your car, or in the bathroom while you shower in the morning, and pressing Play means you agree to this legally binding contract. Good luck trying to return your opened CD to the store if you disagree." My guess is the lawyer was trying not to muddy the point for the audience he was addressing, the principle is buy something and use it as you see fit. It's certainly true those subscription models are a different kettle of fish Hardly a fair transaction and more like something ASEM would do to their EFI-X customers. I like the Ubuntu idea, though. The more I get sick of Microsoft's and Apple's shenanigans over the years, the more I like investigating Linux! EDIT: I woke up with a better analogy in mind. Sony has both a record label and a hardware division. I know I am not owning the artist's music when I buy a Sony album, but rather a copy of it that I may enjoy with a kind of listener's "license". Imagine that I put it into an Onkyo CD player and an end-user license agreement pops up saying "Thanks for buying this Sony CD. When you press play, be aware you are agreeing to this sneaky unannounced contract to only play your Sony CD album on Sony CD players, amplifiers, and speakers. We expressly forbid you from playing this legally purchased CD on any other brand of audio hardware." Can you imagine Steve Jobs seeing that and saying "Gee, I better send my butler to buy a Sony system right away."? I bet he'd do like every other rational person who just spent their hard-earned money on a product, doing the right thing, instead of pirating it: shout "Screw you, Sony!", hit Play, and enjoy his new Sony CD album on his Onkyo stereo. (well maybe Steve has Bang & Olufsen). Perhaps the EFF lawyer should use this kind of explanation for what the software industry is trying to do to paying customers?
  15. But his quote wasn't "If you subscribe to something, you own it." If he'd said that about a subscription model, I'd agree with you. I know when I buy a Beatles CD that I am not actually owning their recording master tapes and song publishing--record companies and such own that--but I do have a product I can use any way I want for personal reasons. If I start a cafe and then play that CD in the cafe to my patrons, then the music owners will want some compensation because I'm using their product for my own commercial purposes. I really ought to join EFF, it's something I always meant to do but never get around to doing. My hackintoshing experiences are making me more aware of consumer rights stuff.
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